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Pure Storage - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
How Containers and Kubernetes Accelerate Microservices

Enterprise IT efficiency is increasingly built upon two related, yet distinct, building blocks: containers and Kubernetes. 

SAS - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
3 steps to better models with SAS and Azure Synapse

All analytics projects have data as their foundation and this data is usually spread across a variety of databases, storage...

Applitools - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
Next.js Visual Regression Testing with Applitools and Cypress

Stream of Colby building a React app in Next.js, then setting up Cypress & Applitools to run a visual regression...

LiveTiles - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
Nine key trends in the digital workplace

In order to help intranet and digital workplace teams plan for the year ahead, we’ve produced an ebook called Digital...

NVIDIA AI - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
NVIDIA Awards $50,000 Fellowships to Ph.D. Students for GPU Computing Research

The NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship Program has to date awarded more than $5 million to support nearly 175 students’ GPU-based work.

Fritz - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
How to detect a “thumbs-up” in the browser with TensorFlow.js

In this tutorial, we’ll continue learning the various use-cases of the TensorFlow.js library. Our previous tutorial used this library for...

Dataiku - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
Our Top-Performing Virtual Meetups From 2020

In this article, we highlight the six most popular virtual Dataiku Meetups from 2020 so you can check them out...

Artificial Solutions - Dec 04 - Blog Post:
Artificial Solutions Wins Engage Award for Best Technology Integration in Cus...

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), announced today that Teneo® Connectors was awarded silver for Best Technology Integration in Customer and Employee Engagement...

AWS - Machine Learning - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
Automated model refresh with streaming data

In today’s world, being able to quickly bring on-premises machine learning (ML) models to the cloud is an integral part...

Deepmind - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
Using JAX to accelerate our research

We've found that an increasing number of projects are well served by JAX, a machine learning framework developed by Google...

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