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SAS - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
¿Qué pasa cuando algo tan poderoso como IA libera el potencial del talento hu...

Este paradigma implica cambios en la cultura de las organizaciones a través de la combinación de Innovación, Talento y Tecnología....

Remi AI - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Automotive A.I

When most of us hear the phrase “Automotive A.I” it’d be a safe bet that the first item to pop...

X.Ai - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
New: Upgrades to Your Calendar Pages's Calendar Pages just got even more useful! Customize your Meeting Templates to make it easier for people to schedule...

MarketMuse - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
What is Content Depth?

Why deep content rank and how to implement a successful workflow for rankings improvement using MarketMuse AI and Machine Learning...

AWS - Machine Learning - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Automating your Amazon Forecast workflow with Lambda, Step Functions, and Clo...

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service that uses machine learning (ML) to generate highly accurate forecasts without requiring any...

Convey - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Delivery Appointment Scheduling: Reduce Transit Time & Improve NPS

"With Convey, we’ve got a unified experience that feels like it’s coming from UncommonGoods regardless of carrier." -MC Halfpenny, Director...

Hanson Robotics Limited - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
What Does Sophia the Robot and a Four-Year-Old Human Have in Common (or Not)?

Sophia just turned four years old on February 14, 2020. But what does that age mean for a robot? How...

Brain Corp - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Webinar Recap: The Cleaning Robots are Here—Now What?

This article was written by Brain Corp's Senior Director of Brand and Communications L. Erik Bratt.

Pure Storage - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Report Center is Now Available in Pure1

Generate all of your storage reports from the Report Center. Pure1 delivers new reporting capabilities to our platform.

Intel - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
Streamline your Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit development with Dee...

Deep Learning Workbench is a GUI extension for Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit that helps users with common tasks like...

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