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AWS - Machine Learning - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances featuring AWS Inferentia chips now available in fiv...

Following strong customer demand, AWS has expanded the availability of Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances to five new Regions: US East...

AlgoLift - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Case Study: how AlgoLift has solved probabilistic attribution for post iOS14

Over the past few weeks, we have presented and built a probabilistic attribution model that will allow us to continue...

Pure Storage - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Optimize Kubernetes Backup and Mobility with Pure and Kasten

Pure Storage and Kasten recently held a joint webinar to highlight how to bring backup and mobility to cloud-native workloads.

MarketMuse - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
How to Empower Sales with Content

Content is the salesperson's secret weapon. Discover how it can be used to build credibility, create trust, and nurture conversations.

Dataiku - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Arithmetic Properties of Word Embeddings

This article goes over the main techniques for learning word embeddings.

NVIDIA AI - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
How Abyss Solutions Helps Keep Offshore Rig Operators Afloat

As its evocative name suggests, Abyss Solutions is a company taking AI to places where humans can’t — or shouldn’t...

Dynatrace - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Kubernetes grows up in the enterprise

We've seen accelerated digital transformation everywhere, and in every industry. At the center of this transformation? Kubernetes.

SAS - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Contact tracing: The vital roles of people, knowledge and technology

Contact tracing can reduce disease spread. Lisa Lucas explains how it works and why people, knowledge and technology are vital... - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
Stermedia Proud to be Named a Top Machine Learning Partner in 2020 by Clutch!

Find newest machine learning solutions and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Appen - Aug 13 - Blog Post:
How to Get Started with AIOps

With the growing pressure on IT teams outpacing the size of teams, IT teams must turn to AIOps to help...

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