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Zymergen - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
John Warner on Making Tomorrow

Non-covalent derivatization requires approaching the problem an entirely new way, unlearning what many of us were taught, and 'doing' chemistry...

SAS - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Video: Image embedding using deep learning with Python (DLPy) and SAS Viya

An embedding model is a way to reduce the dimensionality of input data, such as images. Consider this to be...

Dataiku - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Don't Miss Season 4 of the Banana Data Podcast!

We just launched season 4 of the Banana Data Podcast, our bi-weekly podcast on the new and now in data...

AWS - Machine Learning - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
Build more effective conversations on Amazon Lex with confidence scores and i...

In the rush of our daily lives, we often have conversations that contain ambiguous or incomplete sentences. For example, when...

Appen - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
What is Data Labeling?

Data labeling is a critical part of creating high-quality training data for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Here's...

MarketMuse - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
6 Steps to Crafting Quality Content That Connects (Guest Post)

Discover a practical approach to crafting quality content that generates new readers. The post 6 Steps to Crafting Quality Content...

Mabl - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
How mabl helped Ritual launch a new men’s multivitamin

mabl enabled Ritual's small QA team to do the work of one double its size to successfully launch their Essentials...

NVIDIA AI - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
AI Goes Uptown: A Tour of Smart Cities Around the Globe 

A smart city is a kind of municipal Internet of Things — an AI network of cameras, sensors and computers...

Exxact Corporation - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
What Can You Do with the OpenAI GPT-3 Language Model?

Read our latest blog post that explores OpenAI's massive GPT-3 model, the newest breakthrough in language generation made up of...

Brain Corp - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
5 Lessons Learned from Scaling the World’s Largest AMR Fleet

Brain Corp creates groundbreaking AI software technology that our manufacturing partners use to build and sell autonomous robots to retailers,...

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