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X.Ai - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Introducing [email protected], a New Option for Email Scheduling

You can now choose a neutral, non-humanized AI scheduling tool, Scheduler, to set up your meetings over email and Slack.

AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Giving your content a voice with the Newscaster speaking style from Amazon Polly

Audio content consumption has grown exponentially in the past few years. Statista reports that podcast ad revenue will exceed a...

MarketMuse - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Conducting Competitive Content Analysis With MarketMuse and SimilarWeb

Discover how MarketMuse and SimilarWeb go together to do deep competitive research, find trending opportunities, and quickly create expert-level content.

Microsoft - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Azure AI: Build mission-critical AI apps with new Cognitive Services capabili...

As the world adjusts to new ways of working and staying connected, we remain committed to providing Azure AI solutions...

Dynatrace - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Monitoring of Kubernetes Infrastructure for day 2 operations

Monitoring Kubernetes is an important aspect of Day 2 operations and is often perceived as a big challenge. Let's review some Day 2 operations...

Fritz - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Federated Learning Demo in Python (Part 1): Client-Server Application

Federated learning (FL) is a new paradigm for building machine learning (ML) models that keeps user data private. Compared to...

Descartes Labs - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Getting Back to Work with Economic Activity Signals

We’re excited to announce the release of our Economic Activity Signals (EAS) quick-start package — a collection of geographic data...

SAS - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Mobility tracing: Helping local authorities in the fight against COVID-19

The current state of policy enforcement during an infectious disease pandemic is mostly reactive. Public health officials track changes in...

Dynamic Yield - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Dynamic Yield Expands APIs to Enable Entire Personalization Suite Beyond Web

Dynamic Yield announced an expanded set of eXPerience APIs, enabling brands to now implement its entire personalization suite on the...

Mabl - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Test Automation in 2020: Findings from the DevTestOps Landscape Report

In this blog, we’ll share what teams are doing at a high level when it comes to test automation. Evaluate...

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