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Chooch - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
What is an AI model?

Learn what an AI Model is and why AI models are fundamental to artificial intelligence.

Exxact Corporation - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
PyTorch 1.7.0 Now Available

PyTorch is a popular, open source deep learning platform used for easily writing neural network layers in Python. Check out...

Pure Storage - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Database Automation and AI: Opportunity or Threat?

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can take over those time-consuming, repetitive tasks—and boost productivity, accuracy, and more But what happens...

AWS - Machine Learning - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Optimizing costs for machine learning with Amazon SageMaker

Applications based on machine learning (ML) can provide tremendous business value. Using ML, we can solve some of the most...

Augury - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Why Machine Health Monitoring Is the Key to Improving OEE in the New Era of M...

Every manufacturer wants to improve OEE and its associated metrics, but without real visibility into machine health, achieving world-class OEE...

Dynatrace - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Further enhance security by easily automating your API token protection

Dynatrace news Ever wished you could take back something you said? It's simply not possible. The same holds true for...

Convey - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
eBook: How COVID-19 is Transforming Consumer Shopping Habits This Holiday and...

The post eBook: How COVID-19 is Transforming Consumer Shopping Habits This Holiday and Beyond appeared first on Convey.

Fritz - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Heartbeat Newsletter: Volume 16

This week, we return to a slate of new Heartbeat community posts that explore the intersection between ML and mobile...

X.Ai - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Send Meeting Invites to Multiple Calendars lets you connect unlimited calendars to create a complete picture of your availability, and you can route meeting invites...

SAS - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Allowing for complexity, starting with our words

With most of us living in increased isolation, the voice in our head may feel louder than ever. Now is...

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