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Feb 23

You have deployed AI – Do you tell your clients?

Do you tell customers about your usage of AI? What exactly do you tell them, and how and when?What are their options, and what actions do you take?

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Mar 08

Parallels between AI and nuclear weapons

Like nuclear weapons, AI weaponry has the potential to inflict mass damage in our future. Why? Let's learn more in this blog post.

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Mar 03

2021.AI’s Grace AI platform will deliver real-time insights and recommendations in the fight against COVID-19

The 2021.AI's Grace Enterprise AI platform will deliver real-time insights and recommendations in the fight against COVID-19.

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Feb 24

2021.AI’s responsible AI principles

These Responsible AI Principles guiding principles are part of any AI project at 2021.AI. Our dev team follows these principles internally.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Consafe Help Leading Logistics Operators To Reduce Travel Time

The merge of Consafe Logistics software and the 2021.AI platform gives the customers a tailored solution that saves lots of valuable time and resources.

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Case Study : Minifinans Predicts Interest Payments With 80% Accuracy

MiniFinans engaged with 2021.AI to use AI and machine learning technology to give more precise prediction of interest payments by a potential borrower.

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Case Study : Spar Nord Uses Ai To Cut Emails Handled By Customer Service

The collaboration with 2021.AI showed that AI is the key for Spar Nord to remain competitive in the future.

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