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Leveraging Technology Towards Empowering 7 Billion Creative Minds

Sep 15

Decentralized lending and borrowing with DeFi

Decentralized lending & borrowing with DeFi platforms offer benefits like added security, transparency & accountability without the need for credit checks.

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Sep 17

How to conduct vector similarity search with Elasticsearch

In this article, we'll learn how to do vector similarity search using elasticsearch with an example before jumping into the tutorial for elasticsearch.

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Sep 10

Getting started with Julia language- REPL and Packages

In the second article of 'Getting started with Julia language' series we will be discussing about Julia programming language packages, REPL and basic I/O.

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Sep 07

Getting started with Julia language – Part 1

Here, we'll discuss how to get started with Julia programming language. Also we'll have a walkthrough into its capabilities, limitations etc.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Etisalat

We built an instore AI conversational tool to boost the in-store sales at Etisalat.

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Case Study : Ai Job Scheduler

We designed an intelligent resource allocation algorithm that would be able to consider different factors

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Dynatrace - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Gain enterprise-level security with easy LDAP authentication in Dynatrace Man...

Dynatrace news With role-based access control for large global teams, automatic enterprise-wide deployment and full-stack coverage across infrastructure, cloud platforms,...

InData Labs - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Data Insight Solutions: Turning Data Into Business Insights

Discover how to turn data into business insights, the advantages of big data, and where the information for business analytics...

Tooploox - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Tooploox supports Techstars’ MetLife and Longevity programs

Tooploox will support Techstars’ MetLife and Longevity programs, focusing on startups within the health and wellness scope.

Dynatrace - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
Dynatrace joins ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program

Dynatrace news Managing highly dynamic, microservices-based environments with a CMDB database can be challenging. IT operations teams can struggle just to get full visibility into what’s happening, let...

Appen - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
What is Text Annotation in Machine Learning?

As machines improve their ability to interpret human language, the importance of training using high-quality text data becomes increasingly indisputable....

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