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We make business software for progressive organizations, leading the field for innovations that liberate customers and their data, users and processes from existing systems.

Digital Assistant is your smart assistant for the digital enterprise, ready to supercharge your workplace productivity. With the enterprise chatbot platform Digital Assistant, you can access all of your enterprise information and systems, turn ideas into action, enhance your digital employee experience and interact with your favorite apps – all without having to leave your favorite workplace tools.

Unite all of your data sources into a smart work platform with Digital Assistant. Your AI digital assistant for work integrates both cloud apps like Office 365 and Salesforce, as well as on-premises software and databases like SharePoint, SAP, SQL Server or Oracle – so you can access all of your enterprise information and systems, whenever you need them.

Check out a list of all integrations currently supported at https://www.adenin.com/digital-assistant/

Are you ready to discover the benefits of a digital workplace? With Digital Assistant, the digital experience platform for the modern enterprise, you can:

• Search across all your connected enterprise systems and data from within your apps, so you can save valuable time and focus on what’s important

• Execute commands and speak to your smart assistant right inside your favourite apps. Receive smart actionable alerts directly to your workplace apps – manage vacation and expense requests, handle security related notifications and update helpdesk ticket status directly from within your apps, browser and more.

• Create and access workflows, online meetings, requests and more through any of your connected applications, and receive intelligent updates as and when relevant changes are detected

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How Adenin Inc. uses AI in their company

We use AI to power Digital Assistant's event-driven architecture and target all the complex, yet tedious aspects of everyday work that slow you down. Digital Assistant constantly sifts through the digital noise of the workplace, and only alerts you when you get notifications that actually matter, helping you manage workflows and approvals with ease.

Digital Assistant

Work digitally and receive notifications about business updates in your favorite enterprise chat. Get back valuable time by taking instant actions without having to leave.

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