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Jun 30

Announcing AlgoLift Intelligent Budget

We’re delighted to announce the launch of AlgoLift Intelligent Budget, a cross-channel, media mix model budgeting tool available to AlgoLift Intelligence and Algolift Intelligent Automation clients…

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Jun 30

AlgoLift Intelligent Budget: A Case Study

Previously, in An Algorithmic Approach to User Acquisition Automation, we explored the mathematical foundation of programmatic campaign management on Facebook and Google. In some cases, automatic…

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Jun 19

Announcing AlgoLift Organic Lift

We’ve spent the last 4 years building tools to understand our clients’ total user acquisition ROAS including algorithms to support IAP, ad revenue, and subscription business models. Today, we’re…

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Jun 01

How to think about including Organic Lift into your ROAS

In mobile marketing, advertisers typically judge the performance of their campaigns using return on ad spend (ROAS) measured from users attributed to the campaign through a mobile measurement partner…

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Accubits Technologies - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
How AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales

AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales through creation of accurate customer profiles for use in personalized marketing campaigns.

MindBridge Analytics - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
A better approach to journal entry testing: Audit analytics automation

The cornerstone of well-planned and high-quality audit engagements is a robust risk assessment process. Visualizing and interrogating subledger data can...

SmartAction - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
Hearing is Believing – Why We Don’t Use Google

As a company that manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands, we often get asked about the place...

ETFLogic - Jul 06 - Blog Post:
ETFLogic Launches LOGICLY Platform to Provide All-in-one Portfolio Analysis S...

ETFLogic, the leading ETF analytics platform provider, has announced the launch of LOGICLY, its enhanced web/cloud-based portfolio analysis platform for...

Numerai - Jul 06 - Blog Post:
A New Data Science Competition Where Being Different Pays

Data science competitions have become stale. As the field of data science was emerging, landmark competitions like the Netflix Prize...

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