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Confidence to Deploy AI with World-Class Training Data

Aug 13

How to Get Started with AIOps

With the growing pressure on IT teams outpacing the size of teams, IT teams must turn to AIOps to help them overcome challenges and remain effective. But what is AIOps and why is it the future?

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Sep 16

What is Text Annotation in Machine Learning?

As machines improve their ability to interpret human language, the importance of training using high-quality text data becomes increasingly indisputable. In all cases, preparing accurate training data must begin with accurate, comprehensive text annotation.

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Aug 24

What Is Your Organization’s AI Readiness Stage?

Only 19% of CIOs claimed their AI projects to be in production - but depending on where you are at in your AI journey, there are steps you can take. Take the AI Readiness Assessment here to find out where to get started.

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Aug 06

What is Data Labeling?

Data labeling is a critical part of creating high-quality training data for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Here's everything you need to know about labeled data and how to get it, featuring our data labeling expert, Meeta Dash.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
Active learning workflow for Amazon Comprehend custom classification models –...

Amazon Comprehend  Custom Classification API enables you to easily build custom text classification models using your business-specific labels without learning ML....

AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
Data visualization and anomaly detection using Amazon Athena and Pandas from ...

Many organizations use Amazon SageMaker for their machine learning (ML) requirements and source data from a data lake stored on...

Pure Storage - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
Portworx Adds Flexibility to Pure and VMware

With the acquisition of Portworx, Pure now has more significant offerings around container storage in a VMware environment.

AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 25 - Blog Post:
Football tracking in the NFL with Amazon SageMaker

With the 2020 football season kicking off, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is continuing its work with the National Football League...

Pure Storage - Sep 24 - Blog Post:
Pure1 PowerShell Module, Alerts, Support Contracts, Easier authentica...

Just pushed out a new release of the Pure Storage Pure1 PowerShell module. Not nearly as significant of a release...

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