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Applitools developed the first cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web

Apr 07

5 Visual Testing Features that Foster Collaboration Between Remote Workers

For fast, effective, remote work, tap into the hidden features of some of your favorite tools, like Applitools, to grow team collaboration and efficiency.

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Apr 13

Ask 288 Of Your Peers About Visual AI

To learn best practices, ask your peers.To learn about Visual AI, ask your peers what they learned in the Applitools Rockstar Hackathon.

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Apr 10

10 Essential Tips & Tricks on Working From Home

As a ten-year veteran of working from home, I am happy to share my approaches that make me productive, collaborative, and effective while working remotely.

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Apr 06

How To Remove Blind Spots With Visual Testing

Visual bugs are errors in the presentation of an application. They appear all the time, and frequently surface when applications are viewed in the various viewport sizes of our mobile devices (laptops, phones, tablets, watches). What’s horrifying about these pesky visual bugs is that they cannot be caught by typical automated tests. This is because […]

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Products and Case Studies
Applitools - Applitools - Automated Visual Testing

Automated visual application testing and monitoring

Case Study : Wix | Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

Applitools Eyes Successfully Used by Wix.com to Prevent Regressions & Reduce Manual Testing

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Case Study : Transunion - Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

TransUnion Cuts Weekly Testing Time From 30 Hours to 2 - With Applitools

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Case Study : Concur: A Leading Global Provider Of Travel And Expense Management Solutions

Concur, an SAP Company, Turns To Applitools For UI Localization Testing and Strategy

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Egypteam - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Conheça a carreira de policial rodoviário federal

Você já pensou em ser policial rodoviário federal da PRF? Confira as principais dúvidas sobre a carreira e conheça mais...

Blackbelthelp - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
HigherEd: Keeping Students Engaged with Virtual OneStop Support

Institutions have accepted the new reality of education; transformed teaching/learning approaches, rising student expectations, and the state government budget cuts...

Facebook AI - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Announcing the winners of Facebook’s request for proposals on misinformation ...

Misinformation and polarization are fundamental challenges we face, not just as a company with the mission of bringing people together…

Faraday - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
3 ways to improve your lead scoring strategy

How to improve lead scoring and prioritization with third-party data, real-time scoring capabilities, and best practices for acting on lead...

SAS - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Video: Image embedding using deep learning with Python (DLPy) and SAS Viya

An embedding model is a way to reduce the dimensionality of input data, such as images. Consider this to be...

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