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Jul 30


STARK TILLVÄXT ÖKAR OMSÄTTNINGEN MED 22% APRIL TILL JUNI 2020 Orderingången uppgick till 6,5 MSEK (22,6) Orderstocken minskade till 44,6 MSEK (50,7) Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 15,4 MSEK (12,6) […] The post DELÅRSRAPPORT APRIL TILL JUNI 2020 appeared first on Conversational AI Platform for Enterprise - Teneo | Artificial Solutions.

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Aug 05

Teach your Bot to Add Attachments to its Answers in Teneo

Along with the answer text, you can make your chatbot share attachments like images and widgets. Learn how to do it in Teneo!

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Aug 03

The Impact of The Covid-19 Pandemic on Conversational AI

As a direct result of Covid-19, enterprises are advancing their plans to digitize and automate parts of their business thorught Conversational AI.

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Jul 30


STRONG REVENUE GROWTH OF 22% APRIL TO JUNE 2020 Order Intake was 6.5 MSEK (22.8) Order Backlog decreased to 44.6 MSEK (50.7) Net Sales totalled 15.4 MSEK […] The post QUARTERLY REPORT APRIL TO JUNE 2020 appeared first on Conversational AI Platform for Enterprise - Teneo | Artificial Solutions.

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Products and Case Studies
Artificial Solutions - Artificial Solutions - Teneo

Teneo is an ultra-rapid NLI development and analytics platform used to create natural language applications in record time.

Case Study : Vodafone | Customer Service

Using Teneo, Vodafone has developed a variety of applications to deliver an enhanced online self-service experience to its customers driving customer engagement.

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Case Study : Shell | Customer Service

Shell turned to Artificial Solutions to discover how they could take advantage of artificially intelligent, humanlike digital employees to transform their customer service.

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What Can You Do with the OpenAI GPT-3 Language Model?

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