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Jun 29

Building a visual search application with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon ES

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to describe what you’re looking for. As the adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Often, it’s easier to show a physical example or image than to try to describe an item with words, especially when using a search engine to find what you’re looking […]

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Jul 08

Giving your content a voice with the Newscaster speaking style from Amazon Polly

Audio content consumption has grown exponentially in the past few years. Statista reports that podcast ad revenue will exceed a billion dollars in 2021. For the publishing industry and content providers, providing audio as an alternative option to reading could improve engagement with users and be an incremental revenue stream. Given the shift in customer […]

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Jul 08

Accelerating innovation: How serverless machine learning on AWS powers F1 Insights

FORMULA 1 (F1) turns 70 years old in 2020 and is one of the few sports that combines real-time skill with engineering and technical prowess. Technology has always played a central role in F1; where the evolution of the rules and tools is built into the DNA of F1. This keeps fans engaged and drivers […]

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Jul 07

Building a custom Angular application for labeling jobs with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

As a data scientist attempting to solve a problem using supervised learning, you usually need a high-quality labeled dataset before starting your model building. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth makes dataset building for a different range of tasks, like text classification and object detection, easier and more accessible to everyone. Ground Truth also helps you build […]

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Products and Case Studies
AWS - Machine Learning - Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning for every developer and data scientist.

Case Study : Zocdoc Builds Patient Confidence Using Tensorflow

Zocdoc uses TensorFlow to match patients to doctors, reducing the wait time for appointments.

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Case Study : Formula 1 - Aws Fuels Analytics Through Machine Learning

Formula 1 Accelerates Cloud Transformation by Moving to AWS

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Case Study : Zendesk Enables Faster Customer Service Using Deep Learning

Speeding Development through Faster Deep-Learning Modeling

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Spiro Technologies - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Spiro Features Tour: Automated Statuses

The Spiro AI Engine analyzes team activities to provide quick insights for sales leaders into engagement and opportunity statuses to...

Josh.Ai - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Josh.ai Joins First Buying Group with Azione Unlimited

Josh.ai proudly extends its industry presence through Azione’s established network of home technology professionals. Josh.ai continues expanding the power, and...

MarketMuse - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Conducting Competitive Content Analysis With MarketMuse and SimilarWeb

Discover how MarketMuse and SimilarWeb go together to do deep competitive research, find trending opportunities, and quickly create expert-level content.

Microsoft - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Azure AI: Build mission-critical AI apps with new Cognitive Services capabili...

As the world adjusts to new ways of working and staying connected, we remain committed to providing Azure AI solutions...

Fritz - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Federated Learning Demo in Python (Part 1): Client-Server Application

Federated learning (FL) is a new paradigm for building machine learning (ML) models that keeps user data private. Compared to...

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