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Brain Corporation is a developer of autonomous navigational technologies.

Jun 16

Taking Stock: The Benefits of Autonomous Shelf Scanning

This article was written by Joshua Baylin, Brain Corp's Senior Director of Strategy. Published June 16, 2020.

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Aug 06

5 Lessons Learned from Scaling the World’s Largest AMR Fleet

Brain Corp creates groundbreaking AI software technology that our manufacturing partners use to build and sell autonomous robots to retailers, malls, airports, hospitals and more. But our work doesn’t end there.

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Jul 01

Brain Corp Appoints SVP of Global Sales to Drive Next Phase of Company Growth

This article was written by the Brain Corp Staff. Published on July 1, 2020.

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Jun 23

Key Functional Safety Steps for Building Autonomous Mobile Robots

This article was written by Sean Felker, Brain Corp's Lead Functional Safety Engineer. Published June 23, 2020.

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Brain Corp - BrainOS - AutoDelivery

Autonomous Delivery Robot Powered by BrainOS

Brain Corp - Brain Corp: Brainos

Cost-effective "brains" for robots enables new wave of robotic products.

Brain Corp - Brain Corp - Robotic Floor Care

AI Powered Commercial Floor Scrubbers - Empower your employees and cut costs with trusted, brand-name, floor care equipment powered by BrainOS

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