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Aug 04

Kyle Simpson (@getify) is Partnering with Codota to Expand our Developer Empowerment Program

I’m super excited to announce that Kyle Simpson, AKA @getify across social media and dev platforms, is today joining forces with Codota to expand... The post Kyle Simpson (@getify) is Partnering with Codota to Expand our Developer Empowerment Program appeared first on Codota Blog.

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Sep 09

Kotlin Multiplatform: The Secret to Kotlin’s Rising Popularity

Kotlin is quickly rising up the ranks of programming language popularity. One of the main reasons is that Kotlin, like other multiplatform frameworks and languages, is not UI-centric or existing on as a layer on top of something else. Rather, it focuses on the app's logic.

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Sep 08

So Sublime: A Minimalist Setup

Here's a quick list of the minimal set of plugins that I run in my Sublime editor to do JS development, including AI-powered TabNine autocomplete!

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Aug 26

Redux vs MobX in React: Which is right for you?

The sooner you adopt a state management approach and library for your project, the less code you will be forced to rewrite as the size and complexity of your code-base grow.

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Dynatrace - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
Who will watch the watchers? Extended infrastructure observability for WSO2 A...

Dynatrace news The Dynatrace WSO2 API Manager monitoring extension leverages the Dynatrace Davis AI to watch for unforeseen changes in...

Stermedia.ai - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
#TECH_EPISODE_01 [AI] Gradient Boosing Tree – The Underlying Model

Decision trees are one of the simplest to explain approaches to predictive modeling. They serve as a foundation of algorithms...

Accubits Technologies - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
How to conduct vector similarity search with Elasticsearch

In this article, we'll learn how to do vector similarity search using elasticsearch with an example before jumping into the...

Dynatrace - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Gain enterprise-level security with easy LDAP authentication in Dynatrace Man...

Dynatrace news With role-based access control for large global teams, automatic enterprise-wide deployment and full-stack coverage across infrastructure, cloud platforms,...

InData Labs - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Data Insight Solutions: Turning Data Into Business Insights

Discover how to turn data into business insights, the advantages of big data, and where the information for business analytics...

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