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Aug 05

Introducing Panels: Custom Visualizations for Machine Learning

In the last three years since Comet was founded, our users and customers trained millions of models on anything from self-driving cars to speech recognition, and from Covid-19 protein prediction to satellite image object detection. Based on your requests we added more and more visualization capabilities including chart builders, confusion matrices, audio players and many … Continued

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Sep 21

Logging Histograms, Gradients and Activations with Comet

How Comet’s histogram logging and Custom Panels can be used to visualize the weights, gradients, and activations of a Neural Network.

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Sep 09

Using Comet’s Model Registry

Comet has a sophisticated system for logging, registering, versioning, and deploying machine learning models.

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Sep 01

Debugging Classifiers with Confusion Matrices

A confusion matrix can provide us with a more representative view of our classifier’s performance, including which specific instances it is having trouble classifying. 

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