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Jan 21

How to Save up to 50% on Azure ETL While Improving Data Quality

Learn how the City of Spokane increased transparency, reduced total cost of ownership by 50% and improved data quality using DQLabs and Azure Databricks for Azure ETL

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Mar 03

Analyzing Algorand Blockchain Data With Databricks Delta (Part 2)

Learn more about real-time Blockchain analytics with the Databricks platform, including how to use Delta auto loader with structured streaming to ingest and curate data and deliver powerful visualizations and business insights with SQL and Graph Analytics.

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Mar 02

Introducing Apache Spark™ 3.1

Learn more about the latest release of Apache Spark, version 3.1, including Project Zen, and how you begin using it through Databricks Runtime 8.0.

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Feb 26

Announcing General Availability (GA) of the Power BI connector for Databricks

Learn more about the Microsoft Power BI connector for Databricks and how it improves the experience for Databricks customers performing BI workloads directly on their Delta Lake.

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