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Dynamic Yield provides personalization, recommendations, 1:1 messaging, and yield optimization across web, mobile, and email.

Mar 25

Tuning in: 11 marketing podcast episodes for tackling COVID-19

We've rounded up 11 marketing podcast episodes that offer marketers tips and strategies for tackling the new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

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Apr 03

Tips from Home: Marketing strategies from the Dynamic Yield team during COVID-19

Members of the Dynamic Yield team share unique marketing strategies to provide brands to help brands tackle new challenges in response to COVID-19.

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Apr 02

Navigating COVID-19 – best practices marketers should adopt during times of crisis

From your value proposition to SEO, messaging, and more - this post will help you navigate COVID-19, regardless of industry or company size.

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Apr 01

How marketers can manage irregular inventory levels during COVID-19

We've compiled a handful of strategies to help marketers handle spikes in online traffic and irregular inventory levels during COVID-19.

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Products and Case Studies
Dynamic Yield - Dynamic Yield - Personalization Technology Stack

Dynamic Yield's omnichannel personalization technology helps marketers increase revenue by automatically individualizing each user interaction across the web, mobile web, apps and email.

Case Study : Tottenham Personalizes The Fan Experience

Spurs Crafts Individualized Customer Journey with Dynamic Yield

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Case Study : Mediamarkt Masters Personalization Experience Delivery

Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieves 14% uplift in revenue per user

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Case Study : Hellofresh - Personalization

HelloFresh deepens customer engagement and boosts retention with smart personalization

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Monkeylearn - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
The Best Keyword Extractor Tool for Business Automation

A keyword extractor is a mighty text analysis tool that automatically extracts important information from your text. Try our ready-to-use...

Gong - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
How to Secure Budget in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken up every aspect of our lives over the past few weeks. And sales conversations are not immune.That's...

Salesdirector.Ai - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
Manage Salesforce Activities More Efficiently

Automated CRM data entry allows sales reps to use their time to acquire more leads and make more sales.

MarketMuse - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
MarketMuse is Giving You More

Discover what MarketMuse is doing to help you succeed even more in today's challenging content environment.

Invoca - Apr 02 - Blog Post:
Invoca Platform Data Reveals The Impact of COVID-19 on Inbound Call Volume to...

We're tracking Invoca platform data to learn how COVID-19 has impacted call volume across twelve different industries. See how it's...

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