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Jul 31

Boost application performance with improved CPU analysis across all your deep-monitored workloads

With Dynatrace version 1.198, we've dramatically improved CPU analysis, allowing you to easily understand CPU consumption over time, in the context of your workloads.

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Aug 05

New web performance insights with additional metrics and enhanced Visually complete for synthetic monitors

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring allows you to proactively monitor the availability of your public as well as your internal web applications and API

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Aug 05

InsurTechs and incumbents: Betting together on digital business

With over 1,500 InsurTech start-ups operate globally, undergoing digital transformation or not the role IT plays is central to the policyholder experience.

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Aug 03

Gain better visibility into your infrastructure with Windows service availability monitoring

Dynatrace announces the general availability of Windows services availability monitoring with the release of Dynatrace OneAgent version 1.197.

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Facebook AI - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Announcing the winners of Facebook’s request for proposals on misinformation ...

Misinformation and polarization are fundamental challenges we face, not just as a company with the mission of bringing people together…

Accubits Technologies - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
How to update channel config to include anchor peer for an organization using...

In this article, we'll see how to update the channel config to include anchor peer for an organization using Hyperledger...

Appen - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
What is Data Labeling?

Data labeling is a critical part of creating high-quality training data for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Here's...

Tara AI - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
Introducing commenting and chat.

In this big release, we’re excited to announce the task commenting feature, in-line images for the text editor, drag and...

Mabl - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
How mabl helped Ritual launch a new men’s multivitamin

mabl enabled Ritual's small QA team to do the work of one double its size to successfully launch their Essentials...

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