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Jun 26

Easy SLA and SLO reporting for all your API endpoints with public synthetic HTTP monitors

Dynatrace is proud to announce our first set of fully integrated, worldwide, multi-cloud, and high-availability public locations for HTTP monitoring. You can now detect regional issues by leveraging a range private and public Synthetic locations.

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Jul 08

Monitoring of Kubernetes Infrastructure for day 2 operations

Monitoring Kubernetes is an important aspect of Day 2 operations and is often perceived as a big challenge. Let's review some Day 2 operations use cases.

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Jul 07

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now supported on Red Hat 8, Ubuntu 18, and CentOS 8

Dynatrace now supports ActiveGate deployment on Red Hat 8, Ubuntu 18, and CentOS 8 for private Synthetic Monitoring locations.

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Jul 07

Expand application and infrastructure observability with operational insights into Kubernetes pods

Dynatrace is the only Kubernetes monitoring solution providing continuous automation & full-stack advanced observability without changing code or deployment

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Accubits Technologies - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
How AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales

AI-powered customer profiling can boost your in-store sales through creation of accurate customer profiles for use in personalized marketing campaigns.

Fritz - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Federated Learning Demo in Python (Part 1): Client-Server Application

Federated learning (FL) is a new paradigm for building machine learning (ML) models that keeps user data private. Compared to...

Mabl - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Test Automation in 2020: Findings from the DevTestOps Landscape Report

In this blog, we’ll share what teams are doing at a high level when it comes to test automation. Evaluate...

Tooploox - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
A short recap of some of the Apple WWDC 2020 talks

a short recap of some of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference filtered through the lenses of our Apple fans and...

Tara AI - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
All New Multi-Workspaces and Git-to-Task Linking for Your Team’s Flexibility.

In this week’s update (spoiler alert: it's a major one), we're thrilled to announce multi-workspaces, git-to-task linkage, and other important...

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