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Jul 02

Promoting AI ethics research in Latin America and the Caribbean

Norberto Andrade is the Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics. It’s becoming more and more difficult to imagine…

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Aug 07

Announcing the winners of Facebook’s request for proposals on misinformation and polarization

Misinformation and polarization are fundamental challenges we face, not just as a company with the mission of bringing people together…

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Aug 04

The six most common Fellowship questions, answered by Facebook Fellow Moses Namara

Since 2013, the Facebook Fellowship Program has supported bright and talented PhD students from around the world who are engaged…

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Jul 31

CrowdTangle opens public application for academics

Naomi Shiffman runs Academic & Research partnerships at CrowdTangle. Brandon Silverman is the CEO of CrowdTangle. Supporting independent research through…

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Faraday - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
3 ways to improve your lead scoring strategy

How to improve lead scoring and prioritization with third-party data, real-time scoring capabilities, and best practices for acting on lead...

Exxact Corporation - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
What Can You Do with the OpenAI GPT-3 Language Model?

Read our latest blog post that explores OpenAI's massive GPT-3 model, the newest breakthrough in language generation made up of...

Exxact Corporation - Jul 28 - Blog Post:
PyTorch 1.6.0 Now Available

PyTorch is a popular, open source deep learning platform used for easily writing neural network layers in Python. Check out...

Exxact Corporation - Jul 28 - Blog Post:
TensorFlow 2.3.0 Released

Just announced, TensorFlow 2.3.0 is now available. Read our latest blog article to learn more information on the newest update!

Exxact Corporation - Jul 27 - Blog Post:
Is There a Reliable “One Size Fits All” HPC Storage Solution?

Only Panasas Mitigates the Full Range of HPC Storage Operational Challenges In a previous blog, we identified an apparent disconnect...

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