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May 21

Saylent Engage enhances targeting capabilities with Faraday AI

Saylent Engage provides enhanced consumer predictions from Faraday, letting banks and credit unions engage the right customers with relevant offers.

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Jun 02

Four ways to extend your acquisition spend with data science

How data science can help marketers reach high-value lookalike audiences through cross-channel acquisition campaigns.

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Apr 09

Consider broader changes in your customer data when adjusting your SEO/SEM tactics

Why marketers should consider broader shifts in their customer data when adjusting their SEO/SEM tactics.

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Mar 30

Strengthening customer relationships during times of economic uncertainty

How brands can nurture meaningful relationships with their customers during times of economic uncertainty.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Pioneering personalized user experiences at StockX with Amazon Personalize

This is a guest post by Sam Bean and Nic Roberts II at StockX. In their own words, “StockX is...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Multi-GPU distributed deep learning training at scale with Ubuntu18 DLAMI, EF...

AWS Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu 18.04) is optimized for deep learning on EC2 Accelerated Computing Instance types, allowing you to...

Dataiku - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
How AI Is Transforming R&D (for the Better)

The impact of AI on various business units throughout an organization doesn’t stop when it comes to the research and...

Databricks - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Customer Lifetime Value Part 1: Estimating Customer Lifetimes

Learn why customer retention matters to customer lifetime value estimation and how Databricks can help you overcome common challenges in...

Facebook AI - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Protecting privacy in Facebook mobility data during the COVID-19 response

Background On April 6, 2020, Facebook Data for Good released three additions to our Disease Prevention Maps product to help…

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