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May 21

Building a Voice Assistant for Blind and Partially-Sighted People: A Student Group Project

Speaking to your home is no longer a sci-fi fantasy but a common part of everyday life for many. This is undoubtedly exciting, but the accessibility of voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google…

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Jun 03

Fritz AI Studio Now Supports Image Segmentation

We’re happy to report that Fritz AI Studio, our end-to-end development platform for mobile ML, now supports image segmentation use cases, in addition to object detection, pose estimation, and image…

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Jun 03

Open Source Datasets for Machine Learning: Challenges and Solutions

At the heart of any machine learning initiative is data—it’s required to train models and serves as the base on which models are applied. It follows, then, that to effectively train and implement…

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Jun 02

Using Glide to Efficiently Load Images in Android

Learn the Basics on how to use Glide Image Loading Library to display Image in Android with Kotlin. Glide is an and efficient image loading library.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Mdacne - Custom Acne Treatment

Help everyone get clear skin with the world's first fully customized acne treatment kit.

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Case Study : Plantvillage Nuru

Help African smallholder farmers grow more food.

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Facebook AI - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Protecting privacy in Facebook mobility data during the COVID-19 response

Background On April 6, 2020, Facebook Data for Good released three additions to our Disease Prevention Maps product to help…

Dynatrace - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Scale your API operations with our version 2 APIs

We're happy to announce the launch of the new generation of Dynatrace APIs, which will provide you with a consistent...

Dynatrace - Jun 01 - Blog Post:
OneAgent release notes version 1.193

Release notes for Dynatrace OneAgent version 1.193

Dynatrace - Jun 01 - Blog Post:
Dynatrace Managed release notes version 1.194

Release notes for Dynatrace Managed release 1.194

Tooploox - Jun 01 - Blog Post:
The amAIzing day of Sophie

A story about how computers and children see the world.

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