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Life is gigaaa!

gigaaa is a European technology company consisting of a young team of futurists from all around the world who share the same enthusiasm to build an AI Personal Assistant that enriches peoples’ lives by making everyday tasks simpler.

It represents a new alternative in a market dominated by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and it offers full transparency when it comes to data protection and privacy. The initial idea was conceived in early 2014 and today, gigaaa offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to both enterprises and consumers.

With "gigaaa Inside" solutions, you can give watches, mirrors, speakers, TVs and all kinds of other devices a voice that makes them smart. By adding the "gigaaa Plug-in" to your business, you can guide your customers through your website or mobile app with voice commands and provide your customers with nonstop, prompt and efficient support.

Company Details
  • gigaaa.com
  • Headquarters Luxembourg, Lucembursko
  • Year Founded 2014
  • Company Size 51-200 employees
  • Specialties Agents / Bots, Bot Builders
How Gigaaa uses AI in their company

gigaaa Assistant helps people to handle all kinds of tasks throughout the day. It takes on the responsibility of remembering important dates and deadlines. It takes care of daily recurring tasks and saves time for the user to have more quality time. Answers to questions allowing people to have quick access to the information. All actions and searches are done with voice commands to shorten the amount of time people spent to complete those. Last but not least, gigaaa Assistant provides personalized assistance according to the user’s interests, likes and dislikes, needs and wants.

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