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One of the world's largest conversational AI platforms

May 11

How Conversational AI Helps You Ensure Business Continuity During Crisis

COVID-19 has demonstrated the effectiveness of Conversational AI as a tool for business continuity. Learn how AI Assistants help brands during a crisis.

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Jun 02

Behind the Scenes: How Haptik Built a Chatbot for the Reliance Industries “Rights Issue”

Learn the story behind the unique WhatsApp chatbot that Haptik built for Reliance Industries' rights issue in just 24 hours.

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May 29

WhatsApp Enterprise: How to Get Started in 5 Steps

WhatsApp is the perfect customer engagement tool. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a WhatsApp Enterprise account for your business.

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May 22

3 Reasons Why WhatsApp is the Future of Commerce

WhatsApp is poised to become a major commerce platform for brands. Read on to learn three key reasons why WhatsApp Commerce is the future.

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Haptik - Haptik India’s Favorite Personal Assistant

aptik is India's largest conversational AI platform. Using artificial intelligence we've built more than 100 chatbots across BFSI, Utility, E-commerce, Telecom etc. Haptik builds customised chatbots for publishers, advertisers, and enterprises to serve customer and business needs.

Dexibit - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Scenario contributions and demand curves

The post Scenario contributions and demand curves appeared first on Dexibit.

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Pioneering personalized user experiences at StockX with Amazon Personalize

This is a guest post by Sam Bean and Nic Roberts II at StockX. In their own words, “StockX is...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Multi-GPU distributed deep learning training at scale with Ubuntu18 DLAMI, EF...

AWS Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu 18.04) is optimized for deep learning on EC2 Accelerated Computing Instance types, allowing you to...

Signifyd - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Black lives matter

We will listen, learn, and be a positive force for change through our actions. Read the open letter.

SAS - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Monotonic Constraints with SAS

While much has been written about model interpretability to address these challenges, another approach is to turn a black-box model...

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