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One of the world's largest conversational AI platforms

May 15

Understanding Bot Breaks, and How to Handle Them

Handling bot breaks properly is crucial for delivering great CX with virtual assistants. Our Co-Founder & CTO Swapan Rajdev explains how we do it at Haptik.

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May 22

3 Reasons Why WhatsApp is the Future of Commerce

WhatsApp is poised to become a major commerce platform for brands. Read on to learn three key reasons why WhatsApp Commerce is the future.

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May 11

How Conversational AI Helps You Ensure Business Continuity During Crisis

COVID-19 has demonstrated the effectiveness of Conversational AI as a tool for business continuity. Learn how AI Assistants help brands during a crisis.

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Apr 29

Haptik Reborn: New Logo, New Look, Same Mission

Haptik recently unveiled its new logo. Our Co-Founder & CEO Aakrit Vaish reminisces on the history of the Haptik logo, and the reason for the change.

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Haptik - Haptik India’s Favorite Personal Assistant

aptik is India's largest conversational AI platform. Using artificial intelligence we've built more than 100 chatbots across BFSI, Utility, E-commerce, Telecom etc. Haptik builds customised chatbots for publishers, advertisers, and enterprises to serve customer and business needs.

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