• Business Intelligence
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We help organizations build strategic capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and transition into the Future of Work. We create with them conditions for Innovation to succeed.

At Kinestry, we are researchers, creatives, and technologists at heart - we question the status quo to help companies move beyond it. We believe that innovation and technology should always go hand in hand and we help organizations understand the value Artificial Intelligence can bring. With expertise in emerging technologies and in business transformation, we create the conditions for our clients to work more efficiently, design for their customers, embrace frontier technologies, adapt for the future and ultimately achieve long-term profitability. We also guide them in their workforce transformation through our workshops and trainings to integrate creative thinking and innovation at every level of the company.

Company Details
  • kinestry.io
  • Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Company Size 2-10 employees
  • Specialties Business Intelligence
How Kinestry uses AI in their company

Kinestry doesn't use AI in its operations but rather guides its client in the adoption of AI. We believe that for AI to be successfully implemented, innovation should be everyone’s job. We provide organizations with strategic advice, innovation frameworks, and help them reinvent their human capital. We work with our clients to build bridges into the new world.

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