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GPU Workstations and Servers for Deep Learning.

Jun 03

Demystifying GPT-3 — The Latest in Deep Learning Language Models

This article will give a high-level summary about what is new in GPT-3, how to train and run inference, and the implications of its results. Before we dive into details, these are the take-home messages...

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Jul 20

GPT-3: A Hitchhiker's Guide

A balanced perspective on OpenAI's GPT-3. We summarize how the A.I. research community is thinking about Open AI's new language model.

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May 20

NVIDIA A100 GPU and NVIDIA DGX A100 Server Deep Learning Benchmarks and Architectural Overview

Last week, NVIDIA announced the new A100 GPU and DGX A100 server. At Lambda, we've taken a look at the Ampere architecture, the A100 GPU, and DGX A100 server to estimate their Deep Learning performance...

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May 13

Cutting the cost of high performance deep learning — Lambda Cloud 8-GPU V100 instances

Priced at $12.00 / hr, our new instance provides over 2x more compute per dollar than comparable on-demand 8 GPU instances from other cloud providers.

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Lambda Labs - Lambda Labs - Deep Learning Cloud

Train neural networks in hours, not in days. Lambda GPU cloud for Deep Learning comes with every AI framework you need. Get Deep Learning GPU instances that scale with your team's needs.

Lambda Labs - Lambda Labs - Lambda Blade

Featuring 8x 11GB GPUs standard, Lamba Blade is the most powerful workstation we sell. It's built for rack mounting.

Lambda Labs - Lambda Labs - Tensorbook

TensorBook is a powerful laptop for Deep Learning. If you want the power of an NVIDIA GPU and the productivity of a portable system, the TensorBook is for you.

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