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Text Analysis with Machine Learning. Automate business workflows and save hours of manual data processing

Jul 02

How We Analyzed Customer Sentiment & Transformed Thousands of Reviews into Actionable Insights

A case study on how to perform and visualize sentiment analysis on thousands of Facebook reviews.

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Jul 20

5 Real World Sentiment Analysis Examples

Whether positive or negative, opinions are powerful. In the digital world, they can boost or... The post 5 Real World Sentiment Analysis Examples appeared first on MonkeyLearn Blog.

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Jul 06

How to Build A Striking Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

Learn how to create a sentiment analysis dashboard. Make customer data easy to understand and share insights with your team.

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Jul 03

How to Do Sentiment Analysis & Visualize Results in Power BI

Sentiment analysis automatically classifies text as positive, negative, or neutral. Learn how to use Power BI to visualize results and create striking reports.

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Products and Case Studies
Monkeylearn - Monkeylearn - Smart Text Analysis

Text Analysis and Machine Learning made easy. Get started for free!

Case Study : Devex | Online Media

How Devex used MonkeyLearn to scale it's content curation process

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Case Study : Promoter.Io | Customer Experience

How Promoter.io added keyword analysis to save their users tons of time processing NPS feedback

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Case Study : Drift | Sales Automation

How Drift implemented natural language processing quickly and easily with MonkeyLearn

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