Banks Looking To A.I To Be The Primary Way To Serve You In The Future


Artificial intelligence will become the primary way banks interact with their customers within the next three years

Four in five bankers believe AI will “revolutionize” the way in which banks gather information as well as how they interact with their clients, said the Accenture Banking Technology Vision 2017 report, which surveyed more than 600 top bankers and also consulted tech industry experts and academics.

More than three-quarters of respondents to the survey believed that AI would enable more simple user interfaces, which would help banks create a more human-like customer experience.

“The big paradox here is that people think technology will lead to banking becoming more and more automated and less and less personalized, but what we’ve seen coming through here is the view that technology will actually help banking become a lot more personalized,” said Alan McIntyre, head of the Accenture’s banking practice and co-author of the report.

The report also found that, while the number of human interactions in bank branches or over the phone was falling and would continue to do so, the quality and importance of human contact would increase.


  • Jo Bryson, May 18, 2018

    AI will indeed revolutionize the banking system but my fear is what if the AI will get out of control? AI has the capacity to cripple the banking system as well.

  • Halil Dogan, Apr 11, 2019

    İ think, We are constantly afraid of AI technology. That's because we're trying to create a thinking that thinks better than us. This looks like this; We're getting out of things we don't need people very quickly. and AI can we describe people as a superfluous entity and disregard people? This question is hidden under our consciousness. But we should not underestimate the human being, because we are AI creators. Sorry, my English is not very well.

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