is dedicated to making the power of deep learning accessible to all.


Free Deep Learning course - Learn how to build state of the art models without needing graduate-level math—but also without dumbing anything down. 

We are convinced that deep learning will be a transformative technology that will dramatically improve medicine, education, agriculture, transport and many other fields, with the greatest impact in the developing world. But for this to happen, the technology needs to be much easier to use, more reliable, and more intuitive than it is today. We are working on hybrid “man and machine” solutions that harness the strengths of both humans and computers; building a library of ready-to-use applications and models; developing a complete educational framework; and writing fast and easy to use software for both developers and end users.

Practical Deep Learning For Coders

This is a very different kind of course, taught in a very different way. We have spent as much time studying the research into effective education techniques as we have studying the research into deep learning—one of the biggest differences that you'll see as a result is that we teach "top down" rather than "bottom up". For instance, you'll learn how to use deep learning to solve your problems in week 1, but will only start to learn why it works in week 2! And you'll spend a lot more time learning how to write effective code and use effective processes than you will on learning mathematical formalisms. For full details on the teaching approach, please see our article A unique path to deep learning expertise. And for more information about some of the great education researchers that have inspired and taught us, read our article Providing a Good Education in Deep Learning.

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