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June 23 to 25, 2017: global ai hackathon

The world's first ever AI hackathon series is kicking off this June. Join the hype and fellow AI enthusiasts to hack simultaneously for 48 hours in more than 10 cities across the world. The future of AI awaits you!

- Challenges are announced at kick-off 
- Two webinars are hosted to cover basic AI knowledge and tools
- Participants choose one challenge to work on
- Projects are submitted to the hackathon platform
- Teams volunteer to demo their project on stage
- The best solutions win
- One winner per challenge per location

NOT just for coders! Anyone who is passionate about AI can be part of it! Whether you are a beginner, an expert or a student, you are welcome to join YOUR local community of innovators and create a solution using YOUR skills!

San Francisco, Seattle, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Casablanca 

For more information:


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A.i just beat the best human players at poker

11, poker pros are competing against artificial intelligence developed by Carnegie Mellon University in an epic rematch to determine whether a computer can beat humans playing one of the world's toughest poker games.

After 20 days of play at a casino in Pittsburgh, an AI built by two Carnegie Mellon researchers officially defeated four top players at no-limit Texas Hold 'Em a particularly complex form of poker that relies heavily on longterm betting strategies and game theory.

But this time, they won handily: Across 20 days of play, Libratus topped its four human competitors by more than $1.7 million, and all four humans finished with a negative number of chips.

The human players who along with McAulay include Dong Kim, Jason Les, and Jimmy Chou believe that the machine's play changed from day to day.

Sandholm and Brown may have worked to change the machine's behavior from day to day, as they did when their earlier AI, Claudiro, went up against human players nearly two years ago.

Though the game was heads-up Hold 'Em meaning each player was playing his own game against the machine they would share strategies in the evenings.

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Apple is now a member of a big artificial intelligence group

The organization, which will publish research on the ethics, transparency and reliability of AI, among other things, was initially made up of tech giants Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and IBM.

"We believe it's beneficial to Apple, our customers, and the industry to play an active role in its development and look forward to collaborating with the group to help drive discussion on how to advance AI while protecting the privacy and security of consumers."

Executive Director Carol Rose, who will sit on the board, said the Partnership on AI is important to ensure artificial intelligence is "developed in ways that enhance, rather than threaten, human rights and civil liberties."

The Partnership on AI will hold its first meeting on Feb. 3 in San Francisco, after which it plans to announce the initial areas of research it will undertake.

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Artificial intelligence can identify skin cancer

Only one in 20 skin cancers are melanoma, yet the tumour accounts for three-quarters of skin cancer deaths.


The experiment, detailed in the journal Nature, then tested the AI against 21 trained skin cancer doctors.


However, the computer software cannot make a full diagnosis, as this is normally confirmed with a tissue biopsy.


Dr Esteva said the system now needed to be tested alongside doctors in the clinic.


"The application of AI to healthcare is, we believe, an incredibly exciting area of research that can be leveraged to achieve a great deal of societal good," he said.


Brett Kuprel, another researcher on the project, added: "The end-to-end training and transfer learning approaches we used can be applied to many problems in healthcare, provided there is a large enough dataset.


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A.i will replace some jobs, employees need retraining

As artificial intelligence gains currency, leaders at top technology companies including Microsoft and IBM today said there is a need to create "new collar jobs" as innovations would replace some jobs and existing employees would need to be re-trained. 


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving on the right ladder and highlighted its importance in reviving the sluggish global GDP growth. 


IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said AI will replace some jobs, but most of us will be working with these systems. She called for the need of creating "new collar jobs" by imparting new skills to the existing workforce and hoped countries like India would see many youngsters joining a new data economy. 


"We can choose whether AI replaces or augments humanity at work," Nadella said, adding that it is our responsibility to have AI augment human abilities. 

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