Penny Analytics

  • Business Intelligence
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Outlier detection for average people

Penny Analytics offers an online analytics service for outlier detection (anomaly detection), aimed at users with spreadsheet level data skills. We work like a laundry service. You dropoff and pickup, and we do all the work in between. Customers receive ranked outliers and the reasons why. We handle both multivariate and time series datasets. Our customers use our service to audit data quality, find suspicious transactions and monitor time series processes. It's easy to get started by downloading the free trial datasets on our website.

Company Details
  • https://pennyanalytics.com/
  • Headquarters Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Year Founded 2019
  • Company Size 2-10 employees
  • Specialties Business Intelligence
  • Stage Seed
How Penny Analytics uses AI in their company

We have built intelligence into our product. Firstly, a set of decision rules classifies an incoming dataset as either multivariate or time series and checks whether it is fit for further processing. Secondly, we use an ensemble of machine learning algorithms to find outliers (anomalies). We also have explanatory models so that we can provide the reasoning behind our results.

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