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May 21

PowerShell Core Support for Installation of the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin

For those Windows users, one of the nice things that just went GA was Windows Terminal–which is pretty cool. https://github.com/microsoft/terminal

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May 28

A Modern Data Experience with FlashBlade

Earlier this month, we announced the availability of Purity//FB3.0 for Pure Storage® FlashBlade™. This milestone expands a diverse set of file and object

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May 28

Unified Fast File and Object: A New Category of Storage

Pure Storage FlashBlade is leading a new category of storage. It’s a bold statement and one that we’ve believed was true from the day we launched FlashBlade. Three years in and well over $500M later, more customers are substantiating our belief every day.

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May 28

Is NVMe-oF Ready for Prime Time with vSphere 7?

One of the new features in vSphere 7 is support for NVMe-oF (Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabric)–this replaces SCSI as a protocol and extends

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Products and Case Studies
Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Airi

Deploy deep learning at scale with AIRI, the first real world AI-ready infrastructure for enterprises, featuring Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Pure1

Gain data storage management, analysis and support with Pure1. Nothing to install, simply login from any device to monitor your entire FlashArray & FlashBlade fleet.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Flashblade

Learn why FlashBlade has been recognized as the best innovation in AI hardware, providing file and object storage that is fast and simple to deploy, scale and manage.

Case Study : Ziff | Breaking Through The Ai Analytics Barrier With Flashblade

Learn how ZIFF uses FlashBlade from Pure Storage to deliver AI and deep learning services to clients, saving time and thousands of dollars.

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Case Study : Zenuity Develops Vehicles With Ai

Automotive company races ahead on the road to autonomous driving.

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Case Study : Paige.Ai Leverages Ai To Combat Cancer

Learn how PAIGE.AI is leveraging the potential of AI to transform the pathology and diagnostics industry from highly qualitative to a more rigorous, quantitative discipline.

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AWS - Machine Learning - May 29 - Blog Post:
Designing human review workflows with Amazon Translate and Amazon Augmented AI

The world is becoming smaller as many businesses and organizations expand globally. As businesses expand their reach to wider audiences...

NVIDIA AI - May 29 - Blog Post:
Robotics Reaps Rewards at ICRA: NVIDIA’s Dieter Fox Named RAS Pioneer

Next week at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, NVIDIA’s Dieter Fox will receive the RAS Pioneer Award.

AWS - Machine Learning - May 28 - Blog Post:
Implementing hyperparameter optimization with Optuna on Amazon SageMaker

Preferred Networks (PFN) released the first major version of their open-source hyperparameter optimization (HPO) framework Optuna in January 2020, which has...

NVIDIA AI - May 28 - Blog Post:
Qure.ai Helps Clinicians Answer Questions from COVID-19 Lung Scans

Qure.ai's AI model can mark areas of interest on a lung scan and provide a COVID risk score. The tool...

AWS - Machine Learning - May 27 - Blog Post:
Train ALBERT for natural language processing with TensorFlow on Amazon SageMaker

At re:Invent 2019, AWS shared the fastest training times on the cloud for two popular machine learning (ML) models: BERT (natural language...

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