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Mar 24

Pure and Bay Area Companies Distribute $22M to Impacted Community

Funding from 25 Bay Area companies will go toward organizations responding to COVID-19. Together with these companies, The Pure Good Foundation will

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Mar 27

Protecting SAP HANA with FlashArray//X and SAP HANA Cockpit

During the last year I have persistently explored how the SAP® HANA® in-memory data platform can be protected. Some of these explorations range

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Mar 25

Pure Storage Cisco Intersight FlashArray Connector – General Availability

Here at Pure Storage we’ve been working together in collaboration with Cisco for some time in developing storage integration for our FlashArray

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Mar 23

Pure’s Storage as a Service Delivers What You Need – Today

Over the last few weeks, organizations everywhere have seen dramatic increases in the need to support more remote workers. For many, this has driven

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Products and Case Studies
Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Airi

Deploy deep learning at scale with AIRI, the first real world AI-ready infrastructure for enterprises, featuring Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Pure1

Gain data storage management, analysis and support with Pure1. Nothing to install, simply login from any device to monitor your entire FlashArray & FlashBlade fleet.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Flashblade

Learn why FlashBlade has been recognized as the best innovation in AI hardware, providing file and object storage that is fast and simple to deploy, scale and manage.

Case Study : Ziff | Breaking Through The Ai Analytics Barrier With Flashblade

Learn how ZIFF uses FlashBlade from Pure Storage to deliver AI and deep learning services to clients, saving time and thousands of dollars.

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Case Study : Zenuity Develops Vehicles With Ai

Automotive company races ahead on the road to autonomous driving.

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Case Study : Paige.Ai Leverages Ai To Combat Cancer

Learn how PAIGE.AI is leveraging the potential of AI to transform the pathology and diagnostics industry from highly qualitative to a more rigorous, quantitative discipline.

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NVIDIA AI - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
AI Podcast: Margot Gerritsen’s Got Binders Full of Women in Data Science — an...

Margot Gerritsen is senior associate dean for educational affairs at Stanford University, and the co-founder of Women in Data Science...

Intel - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Huiying Medical: Helping Combat COVID-19 with AI Technology

Huiying Medical has developed a medical imaging diagnostic solution powered by #IntelAI technology that can help detect early stage COVID-19.

NVIDIA AI - Mar 26 - Blog Post:
Best of Health: Top Healthcare Innovators Share Latest on AI in Medicine at G...

GTC Digital is an online event features dozens of healthcare talks spanning medical imaging, genomics and beyond.

NVIDIA AI - Mar 25 - Blog Post:
Keeping an Eye on AI: Building Ethical Technology at Salesforce

Salesforce is focusing on creating responsible technology at its company, and helping clients do the same. Learn more about ethical...

AWS - Machine Learning - Mar 25 - Blog Post:
Analyzing and optimizing Amazon Lex conversations using Dashbot

This post is co-written by Arte Merritt, co-founder and CEO of Dashbot. In their own words, “Dashbot is an analytics...

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