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Jun 30

Save Time (and Sanity) with Storage Snapshots on SAP

Having run major SAP implementations and platforms in the past, I thought I’d share my perspective on how storage snapshots can help in an everyday SAP landscape.

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Jul 06

AI in Healthcare for Faster Innovation and Response

AI in healthcare can speed research and dev greatly by enabling scientists to mine vast datastores, and run simulations for complex diseases.

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Jun 30

Five Years of Redefining the Storage Industry

Here are five ways Pure Storage has redefined the storage industry with Evergreen over the last five years.

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Jun 29

Updated! SAP HANA Scripts with support for vVols

While creating and publishing the SAP HANA scripts , I wanted to bring some of the excellent design aspects of Pure Storage®   products to

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Products and Case Studies
Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Airi

Deploy deep learning at scale with AIRI, the first real world AI-ready infrastructure for enterprises, featuring Pure Storage FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Pure1

Gain data storage management, analysis and support with Pure1. Nothing to install, simply login from any device to monitor your entire FlashArray & FlashBlade fleet.

Pure Storage - Pure Storage - Flashblade

Learn why FlashBlade has been recognized as the best innovation in AI hardware, providing file and object storage that is fast and simple to deploy, scale and manage.

Case Study : Ziff | Breaking Through The Ai Analytics Barrier With Flashblade

Learn how ZIFF uses FlashBlade from Pure Storage to deliver AI and deep learning services to clients, saving time and thousands of dollars.

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Case Study : Zenuity Develops Vehicles With Ai

Automotive company races ahead on the road to autonomous driving.

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Case Study : Paige.Ai Leverages Ai To Combat Cancer

Learn how PAIGE.AI is leveraging the potential of AI to transform the pathology and diagnostics industry from highly qualitative to a more rigorous, quantitative discipline.

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Exxact Corporation - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
How Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Can Fight Future Pan...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning have been important in tracing pathogens, and they will be important in the fight...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 07 - Blog Post:
Building a custom Angular application for labeling jobs with Amazon SageMaker...

As a data scientist attempting to solve a problem using supervised learning, you usually need a high-quality labeled dataset before...

NVIDIA AI - Jul 02 - Blog Post:
Heads Up, Down Under: Sydney Suburb Enhances Livability with Traffic Analytics

Liverpool, Australia, partners with University of Wollongong’s Digital Living Lab on VIVA platform powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 01 - Blog Post:
2019 Q4 recipients of AWS Machine Learning Research Awards

The AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) aims to advance machine learning (ML) by funding innovative research and open-source projects,...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 01 - Blog Post:
Cisco uses Amazon SageMaker and Kubeflow to create a hybrid machine learning ...

This is a guest post from members of Cisco’s AI/ML best practices team, including Technical Product Manager Elvira Dzhuraeva, Distinguished...

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