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Rasa is an open source machine learning tools for developers to create contextual text- and voice-based chatbots and assistants.

Oct 22

A Short Story of Automating Model Regression Tests

On the Rasa Engineering team, the latest tests we’ve automated are Model Regression Tests, which allow us to track performance of ML algorithms across multiple datasets.

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Nov 12

Evaluating Rasa NLU Models in Jupyter

In this blog-post, we explain how you can evaluate Rasa NLU models in a Jupyter notebook.

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Nov 09

Rasa for Content Creators

Content creators contribute one of the most visible parts of an assistant: the personality, responses, and conversation flows.

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Oct 27

Get Creative with the Rasa Playground: an Interactive Tool for Building Assistants

We’ve recently launched the Rasa Playground, an interactive prototyping tool built right into the Rasa docs.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Circle Medical | Fully Automated Prescription Refills With A Contextual Ai Assistant

US medical practice provider Circle Medical uses their contextual AI Assistant to automate half of all patient refill requests. Learn how!

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Case Study : Meekan | Build An Advanced, In-House Nlu System Without An Extensive Research Team

Popular Slack bot Meekan switched from Microsoft LUIS to Rasa's open source NLU to build an advanced in-house AI assistant. Find out why Meekan loves...

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Case Study : Raiffeisen | Attract Millennial Customers With An Automated Personal Finance Assistant

Raiffeisen, a leading Swiss retail bank, used Rasa Platform to build an automated personal finance assistant to explore appealing to a younger audience

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AWS - Machine Learning - Nov 23 - Blog Post:
Building natural conversation flows using context management in Amazon Lex

Understanding the direction and context of an ever-evolving conversation is beneficial to building natural, human-like conversational interfaces. Being able to...

AWS - Machine Learning - Nov 23 - Blog Post:
Customizing your machine translation using Amazon Translate Active Custom Tra...

When translating the English phrase “How are you?” to Spanish, would you prefer to use “¿Cómo estás?” or “¿Cómo está...

Allganize - Nov 23 - Blog Post:
Alli User Guide - Auto-create Survey Result Summary using Zapier

Here's another great use case of Alli+Zapier integration worth checking out, creating a survey result summary in Google Spreadsheet automatically...

Accubits Technologies - Nov 23 - Blog Post:
An overview of Fintech Regulations: What you need to know before launching yo...

Fintech regulations is a deep subject, and you must have an idea of it if you are planning to launch...

Allganize - Nov 23 - Blog Post:
Humanize Your FAQ Chatbot

Starting a conversation with “Hello, Ethan!” can go a long way. Customers are more likely to convert when their experience...

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