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Recorded Future: Cyber Threat Intelligence powered by Machine Learning.

Mar 26

Remote Threats to Remote Employees: How Working From Home Increases the Attack Surface

Find out the two focus areas of attack that need to be addressed by defenders when suddenly finding themselves in a totally remote working environment.

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Mar 30

Chinese State Media Seeks to Influence International Perceptions of COVID-19 Pandemic

Insikt Group examines how the Chinese state exploits social media to influence Western public perceptions of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Mar 30

Mitigating Threat Actors’ Shift Toward Automation

Roman Sannikov shares Insikt Group's findings from tracking the increased use of automation by a variety of threat actors around the world.

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Mar 25

Security Intelligence in ServiceNow: How to Evaluate Third-Party Risk and Keep Business in Business

Recorded Future’s third-party risk management integration with ServiceNow provides powerful automation to help organizations make informed decisions.

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H2O - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Modelling Currently Infected Cases of COVID-19 Using H2O Driverless AI

March 30, 2020 - AI4Good, Driverless AI, Explainable AI, GLM, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Interpretability, Responsible AI, Technical, Time...

Descartes Labs - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Putting our Wildfire Detector to Work in New Mexico

In 2018, approximately 360,500 acres burned across our headquarters’ state of New Mexico. After a winter without snow, the wildfire...

Monkeylearn - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Named Entity Recognition: Concept, Guide and Tools

Named entity recognition (NER) is an NLP technique that automatically analyzes data to locate and classify all the different named...

Turbine Labs - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Daily COVID-19 Executive Briefing - March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020 - The Trump administration awarded a $456 million to Johnson 
 & Johnson’s (J&J) to develop a new vaccine for...

Dataiku - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Your Questions About AutoML in Dataiku: Answered

Discover the answers to pressing questions from Dataiku's end-to-end demo of the AutoML features in Dataiku.

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