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We build advanced artificial intelligence tools to make your business smarter

Remi is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) research firm. We take inspiration from neuroscience to design algorithms that emulate mammalian brains and, in our highest ambitions, human intelligence. Our focus is on developing and employing General A.I, that is, algorithms designed to excel at any task, in opposition to Narrow A.I which is designed to excel at one task only. We hope to bring the next wave of algorithms to the marketplace allowing solutions to be developed while keeping costs to a minimum.

Within the Remi Group there are two sections: Platforms and Bespoke Projects, and these are built on a solid foundation of Research. We see great benefit in offering private consulting as well as licensed services as it allows us direct insights into the problems that businesses are facing before we build out a service. This ensures that our customers and clients receive only the most up to date and relevant technology from Remi.

BESPOKE PROJECTS: The broad objective of our bespoke projects section is to create smart business, that is, help executives and managers build out fantastic A.I technology to be utilised in their business. We use our research in conjunction with state-of-the-art methods to build a range of A.I and reinforcement learning platforms for enterprise and other institutes.

PLATFORMS: Our work in bespoke projects has yielded several ideas that we have built out into licensed service offerings which include: Supply Chain AI, Price Optimisation, and Demand Forecasting.

RESEARCH: The last, most fundamental aspect of the group. Our company is founded on a long-term research plan, with a vision to improve the world around us through neuroscience inspired artificial intelligence.

Key Contacts:
Calum Hamilton (Partner) - [email protected]
Eamonn Barrett (Partner) - [email protected]

Company Details
  • https://www.remi.ai/
  • Headquarters Millers Point , NSW
  • Year Founded 2014
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Technology & Internet, Machine Learning, Product Development
How Remi AI uses AI in their company

Work directly with our AI platforms to increase the intelligence of your business. They're powerful tools that allow you to quickly leverage artificial intelligence across your business. We have delivered award-winning platforms for AI marketing, inventory management, product recommendations, website customisation, financial classification and prediction and many other areas.

These platforms are deployed at critical commercial and non-profit institutions in Australia and the US, solving and managing complex problems across a range of business requirements.

Products and Case Studies
Auto Supply Chain

Inventory Optimisation using Reinforcement Learning

Price Optimisation

Drive top line and margin growth through AI price optimisation

Demand Forecasting

Experience the leading AI demand forecasting platform.

Case Study : Satellite Images & Recycling | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Delivering ROI and helping the environment using Image Recognition

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Case Study : Text Generation | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

​A major digital marketing player was looking for ways to innovate in a crowded Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) market. The...

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Case Study : Predictive Maintenance in action - targeting cost reduction and asset uptime

Delivering reductions in breakdown and cost across a machine fleet through predictive maintenance and reinforcement learning simulation.

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Case Study : Demand Forecasting | Remi AI Inventory

Reduction in stock-on-hand by 38% through demand forecasting and auto-replenishment.

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Case Study : Product Matching | Remi AI Inventory

The method developed was able to group over 1,000,000 different clothing products available on a range of major e-commerce stores...

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Case Study : Demand Forecasting | Remi AI Inventory

Supply Chain efficiencies delivered through Demand Forecasting.

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Case Study : Intelligent Document Case Study | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

A leading Australian online mortgage broker had an blockage in their conversion pipeline: the time it took to verify eligible...

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Case Study : Customer Service | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Delivering Call Centre efficiencies through clustering and customer analysis

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Case Study : Customer Segmentation | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Understanding your customers is a beautiful thing, and allows for a tailored experience.

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Case Study : AI for Contamination Plume Classification | Remi AI | Powerful Artificial Intelligence

International Environmental Firm engage Remi AI to develop artificial intelligence methods for contamination plume classification.

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Case Study : Retail Demand Forecasting

Remi AI case study on the power of Artificial Intelligence for retailers

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Case Study : Manufacturing Demand Forecast | Remi AI

Increase stock availability through accurate demand planning

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Case Study : Dynamic Pricing for Ecommerce

Remi's Price Optimisation engine brings the power of Dynamic Pricing to Ecommerce businesses from small to large.

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Case Study : Inventory Management for Office Wholesaler

Remi's Inventory Management platform delivered impressive improvements for one of Australia's largest office wholesalers.

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Case Study : Dynamic Pricing for Homewares Retailer

Bringing dynamic pricing to household name in the homewares space, Remi delivered impressive results with the Price Optimisation Module of...

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Case Study : Demand Forecasting for a consumer wholesaler

This case study gives a high level view of how Remi AI helped improve the demand forecasting accuracy for an...

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