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Sep 15

The Role of Revenue Operations

The role of Revenue Operations expands the "customer" that they serve beyond the Sales Organization and includes Marketing, Demand Generation, Customer Success, Upsell and Retention. Revenue Operations is a strategic function that crosses departments, roles and functions and aligns everyone around the core function of why the company exists in the first place: revenue generation.

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Sep 17

What’s the difference between Groove.co, Outreach.io, Salesloft and SalesDirector.ai?

SalesDirector is focused on the sales process AFTER an Opportunity has been created while Groove.co, Outreach.io and Salesloft are focused on the process BEFORE an Opportunity is created.

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Sep 10

Calendar Activity Capture Best Practices

SalesDirector solves this by automatically capturing all sales related emails and calendar activities (meetings, etc) and feeding them into SalesForce.com.

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Aug 05

Data Driven Decisions in a COVID World

Amongst our customer base, we’ve found that companies that have adjusted the best and who have succeeded in the face of the pandemic were those that turned to data (instead of their gut) to identify what’s working well and why.

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Real-Time Sentiment Analysis & Visualization

Sentiment analysis can automatically read tweets, emails, chats, and more, for emotion – regularly and in real time. Learn why...

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How to Analyze Data: 7 Steps to Turn Raw Data into Insights

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Optimove - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
September 17, 2020 – Personalization: when is it too personal?

Optimove's customer data platform drives measurable growth through smart, hyper-targeted campaign orchestration, measurement & optimization, at scale.

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Caught in the Web: Stories of a Broken Journey

You know them all too well, from being both a customer and a marketer. But that doesn't mean broken journeys...

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Clean Up Your Enterprise Data Mess the Easy Way: Ignore it

Most enterprises have let their discipline for deploying enterprise data slip a bit, resulting in a data mess. Your instinct...

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