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Mar 26

Analítica, el ingrediente de la evolución de las telecomunicaciones

Las telecomunicaciones son una industria que a nivel global –y muy especialmente en México– ha mostrado un gran dinamismo en los años recientes. Son la columna vertebral por la que circula una enorme cantidad de datos, voz y video, y las que soportan e impulsan a la maquinaria de la [...] The post Analítica, el ingrediente de la evolución de las telecomunicaciones appeared first on SAS Blogs.

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Mar 27

Fusion auf höherer Ebene – AI#12

Im Gespräch mit Wissenschaftsministerin von Baden-Württemberg Theresia Bauer und prenode Gründern Dr. Schüritz und Dr. Hirt.

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Mar 27

Finding Your Fitness Formula: Solving the Workout From Home Challenge

Make sense of all the workouts being blasted as you work from home

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Mar 27

Auf der Suche nach dem Gegenmittel

Die Corona-Krise ist zur Offenbarung geworden. Sie zeigt, wie digitalfit Deutschland ist. Und sie zeigt, wo die digitalfittesten Köpfe sitzen: mitten unter uns und zur Zeit zuhause.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Epipoli | Machine Learning Helps Personalize The Gift Card Experience

Epipoli uses SAS artificial intelligence and customer intelligence solutions to craft relevant, real-time offers for customers.

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Case Study : Healthy Nevada Project | Health Breakthroughs Driven By Dna Analysis

Community-based genetics study uses SAS machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve population health in Nevada.

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Case Study : Honda | Analytics Turns Service Repair Data Into Cost Savings

American Honda turns to SAS to help make sense of warranty and service data.

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Daily COVID-19 Executive Briefing - March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for 
 COVID-19…Mental health experts say Americans are grieving for a...

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[UPDATE]: COVID-19’s Impact on Online Gaming: Cross-Selling is Key

With no major sports to bet on, our analysts have found the right cross-sell. For now. Read, try it out,...

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Now More Than Ever: Have the Courage to Measure the Right Things

The use of control groups in marketing is not a new idea. So why the reluctance?

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How Product Teams are Creating the Workplace of the Future

The way we work is changing and product teams play a crucial role in building the tools and systems that...

Sisense - Mar 25 - Blog Post:
How to Prioritize Your Development Time

As more professionals are faced with remote working challenges, it's important to better budget your time and manage tasks efficiently.

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