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SAS provides advanced business analytics and business intelligent software and services to enable companies to optimize their operations.

May 22

Portfolio Optimization using SAS and Python

We will use prescriptive analytics and optimization to select a stock portfolio that maximizes returns while taking risk tolerance into account.

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May 29

Using SAS to estimate the link between ozone and asthma (and a neat trick)

Learn how to use SAS PROC REG to assess the association between ozone levels and the number of admissions to emergency departments diagnosed as asthma.

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May 29

Combining business expertise and tech advancements to fight fraud

Collaboration is one of the traits we have utilized to maximum effect in pretty much everything.Fraud and Compliance should be no different.

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May 28

From 9 cows to the future of agtech

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged agriculture and supply chains, but the overarching resilience of agriculture around the world speaks to the industry's efficiency, built-in redundancy and indispensability. In the US, flourishing interactions between government, industry and academic stakeholders underscore how ag represents unity and consilience. And there may be no better [...] The post From 9 cows to the future of agtech appeared first on SAS Blogs.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Epipoli | Machine Learning Helps Personalize The Gift Card Experience

Epipoli uses SAS artificial intelligence and customer intelligence solutions to craft relevant, real-time offers for customers.

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Case Study : Healthy Nevada Project | Health Breakthroughs Driven By Dna Analysis

Community-based genetics study uses SAS machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve population health in Nevada.

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Case Study : Honda | Analytics Turns Service Repair Data Into Cost Savings

American Honda turns to SAS to help make sense of warranty and service data.

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Dynatrace - May 30 - Blog Post:
More visibility into user experience with new web performance metrics and enh...

To deliver outstanding customer experience for your applications and websites, you need reliable benchmarks that measure what good customer experience

Bunch - May 30 - Blog Post:
Here’s how to appreciate your team – right now!

Do you appreciate your team? Do they feel noticed and thanked? We've got the skinny on how to appreciate your...

Dataiku - May 29 - Blog Post:
AI Projects Lifecycle: Key Steps and Considerations

In order to implement and scale successful AI projects, enterprises need to adopt a comprehensive approach to covering each step...

Databricks - May 29 - Blog Post:
Adaptive Query Execution: Speeding Up Spark SQL at Runtime

Learn more about the new Spark 3.0 feature Adaptive Query Execution and how to use it to accelerate SQL query...

Teradata - May 29 - Blog Post:
Using Advanced Analytics to Predict the Onset of a Cytokine Storm

Using advanced analytics, Teradata data scientists, healthcare practitioners and engineers designed a model to help track the onset of a...

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