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Sqreen is a monitoring and protection platform made to be incredibly powerful yet very easy to use.

Aug 06

Celebrating Sqreen’s 5 year anniversary

It's Sqreen's 5 year anniversary, and it's time to reflect on our journey, the state of application security, and its future.

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Sep 15

Sqreen’s State of Application Security Report 2020: key takeaways

Learn the key trends and takeaways from the State of Application Security Report 2020 edition. Real data drawn from real apps!

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Sep 10

Vulnerability disclosure: finding a vulnerability in Sqreen’s PHP agent and how we fixed it

In June, I was personally contacted by a security researcher who had discovered a vulnerability in one component of the Sqreen PHP agent. This vulnerability would allow a bad actor… The post Vulnerability disclosure: finding a vulnerability in Sqreen’s PHP agent and how we fixed it appeared first on Sqreen Blog.

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Aug 26

Top 10 security best practices for PHP

As a PHP developer, you should be aware of PHP security best practices, such as XSS attack, remote file inclusion, and SQL injections.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Nestaway - Rental Marketplace

Learn why NestAway chose Sqreen to protect their Real Estate marketplace.

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Case Study : Le Monde Case Study

Learn how Le Monde QS is leveraging Sqreen secure one of the biggest media

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Case Study : Rainforest Qa Case Study

Learn how Rainforest QS is leveraging Sqreen to monitor and secure their SaaS application.

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Stermedia.ai - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
#TECH_EPISODE_01 [AI] Gradient Boosing Tree – The Underlying Model

Decision trees are one of the simplest to explain approaches to predictive modeling. They serve as a foundation of algorithms...

PerimeterX - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
If Every Day is Cyber Monday, Will There Be a Holiday Shopping Season At All?

PerimeterX takes a look at the trends and indicators of the past year to determine where businesses ought to focus...

Socure - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Best Practices in Document Verification for Financial Services

Socure's DocV delivers a holistic, single response to assess an identity from multiple dimensions for financial services

CrowdStrike - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
Go Beyond Today’s Cybersecurity at Fal.Con 2020

Fal.Con 2020 is less than four weeks away, and we have lots of news to share. Check out what we...

DataVisor - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
How to Deliver Continuous Protection Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Fraud has always been insidious, but modern fraudsters have more sophisticated techniques than their predecessors. Today’s on-demand, instant-access world is...

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