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Sqreen is a monitoring and protection platform made to be incredibly powerful yet very easy to use.

Aug 12

What CCPA means for your security practices

As is often the case, privacy and security go hand in hand. There will be a few things you need to do to ensure CCPA compliance.

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Sep 15

Sqreen’s State of Application Security Report 2020: key takeaways

Learn the key trends and takeaways from the State of Application Security Report 2020 edition. Real data drawn from real apps!

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Sep 10

Vulnerability disclosure: finding a vulnerability in Sqreen’s PHP agent and how we fixed it

In June, I was personally contacted by a security researcher who had discovered a vulnerability in one component of the Sqreen PHP agent. This vulnerability would allow a bad actor… The post Vulnerability disclosure: finding a vulnerability in Sqreen’s PHP agent and how we fixed it appeared first on Sqreen Blog.

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Aug 26

Top 10 security best practices for PHP

As a PHP developer, you should be aware of PHP security best practices, such as XSS attack, remote file inclusion, and SQL injections.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Nestaway - Rental Marketplace

Learn why NestAway chose Sqreen to protect their Real Estate marketplace.

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Case Study : Le Monde Case Study

Learn how Le Monde QS is leveraging Sqreen secure one of the biggest media

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Case Study : Rainforest Qa Case Study

Learn how Rainforest QS is leveraging Sqreen to monitor and secure their SaaS application.

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Stermedia.ai - Sep 18 - Blog Post:
#TECH_EPISODE_01 [AI] Gradient Boosing Tree – The Underlying Model

Decision trees are one of the simplest to explain approaches to predictive modeling. They serve as a foundation of algorithms...

PerimeterX - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
If Every Day is Cyber Monday, Will There Be a Holiday Shopping Season At All?

PerimeterX takes a look at the trends and indicators of the past year to determine where businesses ought to focus...

Socure - Sep 17 - Blog Post:
Best Practices in Document Verification for Financial Services

Socure's DocV delivers a holistic, single response to assess an identity from multiple dimensions for financial services

CrowdStrike - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
Go Beyond Today’s Cybersecurity at Fal.Con 2020

Fal.Con 2020 is less than four weeks away, and we have lots of news to share. Check out what we...

DataVisor - Sep 16 - Blog Post:
How to Deliver Continuous Protection Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Fraud has always been insidious, but modern fraudsters have more sophisticated techniques than their predecessors. Today’s on-demand, instant-access world is...

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