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Control, manage and monitor your entire robotic workforce. Our browser-based server application centralizes in one secure place your entire enterprise operation.

UIPATH ORCHESTRATOR A GAME-CHANGER AND AN INDUSTRY STANDARD UiPath’s Orchestrator is a game-changer. A highly scalable server platform, enabling fast deployment, from one robot to thousands. You can audit and monitor their activities, schedule all types of processes, and manage work queues. Create world-class reporting from Elasticsearch and Kibana tools. Release management, centralized logging and role-based access are also supported. AUTONOMOUS AUTOMATION The industry’s term for this transformational solution platform is autonomous automation: robots-managing-robots. Now, robots are capable of monitoring and handling attended & unattended robot collaboration, and optimizing end-to-end automation with centralized work queues. KEY ADVANTAGES Higher process performance & cost reduction Intelligent Operations throughout your enterprise. Benefit from intelligent scheduling, intelligent execution and intelligent scalability technology. Orchestrator enables you to automate faster than the competition, run more processes with fewer robots and build virtual workforces with less infrastructure. This creates faster and higher ROIs and produces performance improvements in shorter timeframes. Global deployment with unlimited scale Built with a modern and modular architecture, Orchestrator can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Physical or virtual machines, it is easy and practical to start small and grow quickly. Flexible and low cost Orchestrator is also the industry’s only solution platform whose architecture offers multi-tenancy. This feature gives RPA teams within an organization the ability to create their own separate, secure, space for automation projects. This dramatically reduces the organization’s automation operating costs and infrastructure investment. Better decision-making With robots logging every activity and outcome, Orchestrator delivers deep business process information with powerful analytics expressed in dynamic reporting formats. This functionality is rooted in the ability of industry-leading ElasticSearch to store and quickly query large data sets, and Kibana dynamic reporting. EFFICIENT AUDITS AND EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE Configure and capture details on every Robot and user action, manage and execute process automation. Operational details are stored in the Orchestrator’s database and archived by ElasticSearch. As a result, Kibana can quickly create precise audit information reported in customized formats, thus increasing audit efficiencies. RAPID IT DEPARTMENT SECURITY APPROVALS Based on our robust documentation, a customer’s IT department can quickly determine the compliance of our platform architecture with their security requirements. This means RPA projects start on time, without delays of weeks or even months. For example, we use Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5; for secure communications, the AES_CBC_256 encryption algorithm and https; Windows Active Directory is fully supported. In addition, UiPath Architecture keeps you compliant with: • Top 10 OWASP requirements • ISO 27001 • PCIDSS, HIPAA & SOX KEY FACTS - ORCHESTRATOR FEATURES Robot Performance Monitoring Ensures robots are either healthy and performing or alerts are raised. Active robots in good operational health send a constant “heartbeat” to the server. Lack of heartbeats or substandard performance is monitored and alerts are raised when failures occur. Remote Control Provides Orchestrator control over Unattended Robots for remote process deployment, monitoring and retirement. Asset Management Assets are re-usable automation resources (think variables and credentials) that can be shared across different automation projects. They are stored securely in the Orchestrator’s database and made available to Robots whenever needed. Credential Management Security and data access for storing credentials is delegated to Microsoft via Active Directory for Windows Credentials. Alternatively, the credentials are stored encrypted (AES 256) in the server database. Credential Manager uses the Credential Locker, formerly known as Windows Vault, for secure storage of usernames and passwords. Robot login credentials can be secured by using a third-party enterprise grade credential store. It is now possible to store your Robot login credentials in CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®, through CyberArk®’s Application Identity Manager. CyberArk is a robust technology also used by leading financial services, energy, retail and healthcare companies to protect data. Transaction Queue An out-of-the-box transaction queue system in Orchestrator that stores work items on the server and makes them available to robot groups. RPA teams can effortlessly manage transactions by tracking their status in real time and setting customizable progress checkpoints. This also greatly expedites troubleshooting. Intelligent Scheduling Optimizes robot productivity by managing availability against demand and importance. At full capacity, robots are assigned to outstanding priorities as they complete work; if SLAs are threatened, low priority work is queued until capacity returns. RPA teams from different global locations can create or edit automation schedules and set specific time zones for their execution. On-point details about each and every execution are visible to the teams. Enhanced Exception Handling Orchestrator functionality that instructs robots to retry a failed transaction before sending an exception message to the server. Integration API Orchestrator uses a powerful API to integrate with ERP, BPM or any 3rd party systems on a REST based web service. Centralized Activities Feed All activities used to build your automation projects are stored on the Orchestrator, readily accessible to the Robot for download and execution. This gives you enhanced control over activity updates for all your Robots and Studio from a centralized point. Cloud-ready Deployment High availability and scalability made possible with deployment on Microsoft Azure using the PaaS model (Platform as a Service) or Amazon Cloud. Kibana advanced analytics Fully configurable analytics and dashboards. Combining the speed of Elasticsearch with the power of Kibana analytics changes our customer’s relationship with their data. Monitoring, logging and audit Complete trail of all user and robot actions are tracked and stored in Elasticsearch. Enables Elasticsearch to record data changes based on business rules. Full audit trails result in quicker and cleaner audit reports. Multi-tenancy Allows customer to maximize operational and cost efficiency by providing separate, secure space to all groups implementing RPA and deploying virtual workforces. Web Based Control Center An Orchestrator management tool that consolidates and displays key robot/process metrics. It also provides utilities for: transaction queues, robot scheduling, deployment, reassignment and retirement. Release Management Enables reviewer to release a stable process automation version to robot groups for execution. Multiple versions of a published process can be kept on the server for rollback purposes.

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