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Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

UIPATH'S ENTERPRISE RPA PLATFORM Where the future of automation arrives first UiPath is recognized worldwide for product leadership and technical excellence. Our development team is the largest in the industry, and our agile release schedule the most active in the field. We are always ready to provide you with a consistent automation edge over your competition. Big Scale Automate any variety of processes covering all front-office and back-office requirements and opportunities, however complex they may be. Secure Do it reliably, with defense-grade security and auditing AI driven Build-in learning, experience and sophistication into every process, adding machine learning to transform rules-based exceptions to experience-based decision-making Easy to Use Tested and proven to deliver 40%+ faster automation design and deployment Ecosystem Rely on the largest RPA and AI ecosystem of partnerships to advance with your plans for automation, now and in the future. AUTOMATION SUCCESS BEGINS HERE The UiPath Platform Our Platform delivers enterprise wide automation benefits, residing within an open, extensible architecture designed for truly smart, highly scalable automation. START EASY, DEVELOP EXPEDITIOUSLY WITH UIPATH STUDIO Foolproof development tool UiPath provides the industry’s most intuitive and feature-rich automation development environment. Our highly visual process designer equips employees for fast and easy configuration of robotic workflows. Simply drag-and-drop activities into the workflow or let the recorder get you started. This unique feature records your usual work routine and replays it automatically. Automation, full speed ahead. RESOURCEFUL EXTENSIBILITY Our tool is open and extensible, allowing you to automate intricate processes that otherwise couldn’t be covered. A robust library of built-in template actions makes automation a comfortable and effective experience. And there’s freedom for users to also design their own custom actions. Collaborate with your team in real-time! No matter the location, and with centralized access to data. UIPATH ROBOT EXECUTES RELIABLY, AT BREADTH Computer vision champions We go beyond automating business processes across all applications, user interfaces and legacy environments. UiPath robots have “eyes” that see the screen and understand relationships - just as human vision does. Unmatched Citrix automation Our powerful computer vision technology automates with unrivaled speed even the most complex applications, accessible through Citrix or remote desktops. For companies, BPOs and contact centers where security imposes Enhanced control, with flexibility We are not just computer vision champions. Our robots also lend themselves to being greatly flexible under your control. Apply smart, customized scheduling decisions, and they will work precisely when you want them, Stable execution, extended to your line of business We combine leading edge technology and industry standards so you can extend RPA capabilities to your specific business applications, reliably. Our automation engine is powered by Microsoft’s FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS, SCALED GLOBALLY WITH UIPATH ORCHESTRATOR Cloud & on-premises deployment With UiPath managing your virtual workforce, automated business processes work around the clock and around the globe to maximize RPA benefits. Enterprise wide productivity Our industry standard, open and extensible platform takes you to a new level of automation, for minimum operational cost and better utilization of IT resources. Strong governance All the critical enterprise duties are handled centrally to facilitate robust governance and compliance: release management, remote control, scheduling, queue/robot workload, Highest level security Deploy at global scale, with no restrains and no compromises to security. Our solution runs with a locked screen so that automated activities can be performed in total privacy,

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