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Design your automation visually, without code. Use built-in recorder, drag & drop widgets and best practice templates to model your robotic processes fast.

UIPATH STUDIO Introducing the general for your army of Robots Instruct, lead, and get them ready for any maneuver with one essential tool for thousands of business operations. What sets it apart from all the other automation design tools out there? Versatility. Add UiPath’s signature speed and capability, and you’re always on the winning side. BOOSTING YOUR BUSINESS BEGINS HERE Automation excellence requires a tool that can model all the organization’s business processes—ranging from simple to the most complex. Our Studio Designer does this in a visual, highly intuitive way. This makes it easy to use, regardless of skill level. We provide a clean workflow design canvas for clear two-dimensional process modeling. Recorders capture and imitate perfectly what a user performs. Do it once and consider it done—robots follow and execute perfectly. A library of pre-built activities can also be dragged and dropped to the WIP workflow model. KEY ADVANTAGES Automate more Studio Designer performs better than the competition due to its superior computer vision, unmatched Citrix capability for high precision automation and extended integration. Automate faster Drag and drop, point and click and leverage Microsoft Workflow Foundation technology. Visually model tasks, the easy way. No scripting and coding. Automate smarter No more manual, error-prone diagramming of each process step and user action. Specialized recorders turn any user’s activity into a process. Best Citrix automation UiPath performs 8x-10x faster than the competition. Unrivaled computer vision perceives the screen like a human does. The image recognition Collaborate & automate More people can contribute to the same workflow, combining their efforts. Extract and share reusable components between teams and projects. KEY FACTS - FULLY FEATURED Highly intuitive Highly intuitive, Visio-like process mapping and automation framework. Simplifies training, greatly accelerating process modeling & automation. Workflow Recorders Hundreds of pre-built, drag-and-drop process actions. Easier and more accurate knowledge transfer and error checking. Faster automation changes. ReFramework Out-of-the-box automation template that uses all of the best practices we have learned in our implementation experiences, comprising logging, exception handling, application initialization and others, and being ready to tackle a complex business scenario. Centralized Automatic Licensing Activates Studio licenses automatically from Orchestrator, alongside the installation, on multiple machines. A guaranteed IT department favorite. Workflow recorders Specialized workflow recorders for desktop apps, web apps, Citrix environment and terminal emulators. Simplifies training, makes process modeling & automation faster and more precise while mistakes are easier to avoid. Universal Search Search and find in one place all the automation resources like libraries, activities, projects and open workflows contained within UiPath Studio. This significantly accelerates the automation development process. Custom workflows RPA developers can design powerful and complex automations by incorporating custom VB.Net code directly into an automation workflow. Their work can be stored in the Studio library and shared with other team members across current and future projects. Centralized Activities feed When in closed networks, Studio Activity packages can be accessed and downloaded directly from Orchestrator. Documenting rules Workflow engine visually documents business process rules. Easier and more accurate knowledge transfer and error checking. Faster automation changes. Debugging tool Debugging tool for analysis of automated processes. Uses visual, step-by-step process execution, breakpoints and highlighting of target elements. Faster QA work and more consistent quality; more engaging and productive training. Collaborative automation Collaborative automation work between projects and teams, using Team Foundation Server and SVN. Enables faster automation, quicker process change management and promotes reuse of existing work. Extensible architecture Enables automation to integrate with cognitive and OCR technologies from ABBYY, IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft text analysis at the API level.

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