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Recommender as a Service with an intuitive RESTful API & SDKs tailored by data scientists.

Artificial Intelligence Power at Your Service Why waste time and money on the development of your own recommender system, if you can use the most advanced engine tailored by data scientists. Real-Time Recommendation as a Service Our API/SDK returns the recommendations immediately after user’s action at your website or in your app in less than 200 ms Scalable Solution We can deliver the service no matter how large is the traffic at your website, being it a million or billion monthly page views, without any compromises to the quality. What is more, our system is capable of delivering more than 500 recommendations per second. User Interface You can check the key performance indicators in near real-time using our intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Domain Independence Our system is successfully used to recommend movies, news, cultural events, books, songs, job advertisements, or products in E-Commerce. It is easily adaptable to any other domain. Easy to Customize You can customize our recommeder for your business using rules in our simple and highly innovative filtering/boosting language (ReQL). Filters and boosters can be managed independently for each recommendation request. Research and Improvements Sophisticated algorithms form the core of our recommendation engine. Algorithms are continuously managed and improved by the Artificial Intelligence. Our team is comprised of data scientists with 15+ years of AI and Machine Learning experience. We also conduct progressive machine-learning research.

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