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Automated visual application testing and monitoring

FEATURES - Discover the features that set Applitools apart LEVERAGE YOUR EXISTING TESTS Applitools automatically validates the look and feel and user experience of your apps and sites. It is designed to integrate with your existing tests rather than requiring you to create new tests or learn a new test automation language. Validate entire application pages at a time with a single line of code. We support all major test automation frameworks and programming languages covering web, mobile, and desktop apps. AI-POWERED COGNITIVE VISION By emulating the human eye and brain, our AI-powered image comparison technology only reports differences that are perceptible to users and reliably ignore invisible rendering, size and position differences. Our algorithms can instantly validate entire application pages, detect layout issues, and process the most complex and dynamic pages. No calibration, training, tweaking or thresholding required on your part. It just works perfectly. AUTOMATE YOUR TEST MAINTENANCE Resolve thousands of differences in minutes by leveraging sophisticated algorithms that automatically analyze the differences detected across all your tests and generate a concise report showing only distinct ones. Approve or reject a change and automatically apply the same decision to all similar changes across all your tests. Indicate elements that are allowed to move or to be ignored and automatically detect them across all screens in all your tests. CROSS DEVICE AND BROWSER TESTS Use a single baseline of your app running on a reference device or browser to validate its layout on other devices and browsers. Reliably detect missing or overlapping elements and elements that moved or changed size in even the most complex and dynamic apps. BUILD CUSTOM VISUAL REPORTS No more cryptic and complex text-based failure logs! Visual test reports consist of screenshots and visual differences that everyone in your team can understand at a glance. Easily zoom-in on changes and automatically group similar differences to only see unique ones. Build your own reports by obtaining screenshots, baseline images, differences and test details with the same APIs used by your test manager. COLLABORATE WITH YOUR TEAM Open issues, exchange thoughts and provide feedback about the UI of your app directly from screenshots available in your visual test execution reports. Issues and discussions will remain visually present in future test runs for as long as they are open rather than hidden in your issue tracker. Fail visual tests based on issue state or snooze failures until a fix is expected. Integrates with Jira, Slack and other collaboration systems. BASELINE BRANCHING AND MERGING If you are developing features in feature branches and would like to push an up-to-date baseline along with your code, or if you are maintaining multiple versions of your app in parallel, baseline branching allows you to keep a separate test baseline for each branch. When it's time to merge your code, use our web API or merge CLI tool to merge the source and target baselines, detect conflicts and even automatically resolve them when possible. INTEGRATES WITH THE TOOLS YOU LOVE Add visual assertions to your existing tests in any automation framework and programming language. View build-specific visual test results and manage baselines directly from Jenkins, TeamCity and other CI systems. Open Jira issues directly from the Applitools test manager and send messages via slack when tests fail. Programmatically access test results, build your own reports or upload them to your favorite test manager. ROBUST USER ACCESS MANAGEMENT Easily create multiple teams and assign full or read-only access rights to members. Appoint team admins that can only manage their own teams and account-admins that can manage all teams and add new ones. Create public teams that automatically register new visitors as viewers. Authenticate users with your own identity provider and SSO service. AVAILABLE AS A CLOUD-SERVICE OR ON PREMISE Choose between using our multi-tenant US-based public cloud and a private cloud dedicated just for your company with enhanced security restrictions and your own identity provider or SSO server. Deploy your private cloud anywhere in the world, even behind your firewall. No inbound firewall changes and tunnel configuration is required. CONNECT BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR ORGANIZATION Applitools visual reporting allows you to collaborate between the business and technology teams at your company by using a common language around the visual aspects of your app or website. Share the visual experience of your users through screenshots and work cross-functionally between business, product and development teams to immediately identify and solve any hurdles to your online business success.

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Applitools developed the first cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web

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