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Train neural networks in hours, not in days. Lambda GPU cloud for Deep Learning comes with every AI framework you need. Get Deep Learning GPU instances that scale with your team's needs.

LAMBDA DEEP LEARNING CLOUD The Lambda Deep Learning Cloud lets you start training neural networks in seconds, not days. Our instances are pre-loaded with machine learning libraries, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, and more. They're ready out of the box for any Deep Learning application. START TRAINING NOW The Lambda Deep Learning Cloud solution can be for your team. Lambda's GPU configurations can up to triple your engineers' productivity. PRE-INSTALLED SOFTWARE Our cloud machines are pre-configured with every library you'll need for Deep Learning. Begin training your models — with nothing in your way. • Tensor Flow • Pytorch • Cafee FEATURES Cutting-edge hardware Get access to the fastest Deep Learning GPUs. Save weeks of setup time You’ll be ready to start training the moment you spin up an instance in the Lambda Cloud. Secure and reliable Our systems are built and run by Deep Learning experts. Our enterprise cloud solution is trusted by the engineers at the top DL companies in the industry. Save millions Switch from Amazon to immediately realize thousands in savings. Reinvest your savings in more GPU power to train your models 3x faster. Simple and scalable SSH into our GPU cloud and begin training your models right away. Scale up when you need it. Get your software running on 1000’s of cutting-edge GPUs.

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GPU Workstations and Servers for Deep Learning.

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