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An API for quantum computing in the cloud.

AN API FOR QUANTUM COMPUTING IN THE CLOUD • OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE • EXAMPLE ALGORITHMS • SUPERCONDUCTING QUANTUM PROCESSORS • PYTHON DEVELOPMENT TOOLS RIGETTI COMPUTING IS A FULL-STACK QUANTUM COMPUTING COMPANY. We build hardware and software with fundamentally new integrated circuits that store and process quantum information. PROBLEM Today's computers, which are based on classical physics, cannot solve many of the most important problems. Molecular simulation Billions of dollars and years of time are lost in experimental wet-lab research, because today’s most powerful computers are incapable of simulation-driven design. Next week’s weather Mathematical models of big, dynamical systems like global weather have to be greatly simplified in order to fit in even a supercomputer. Accuracy suffers. Optimal sequencing Exact solutions require unmanageable brute-force calculations. Approximate methods leave money on the table for the organizations that use them. AND THEY NEVER WILL. Transistor scaling Moore's Law is slowing down as circuits approach fundamental limits. Returns to parallelization Amdahl's Law: adding more processors can only get you so far. Energy consumption Supercomputers are increasingly power hungry, with no end in sight. SOLUTION: USING QUANTUM MECHANICS FOR COMPUTATION. EXPONENTIAL SCALING Every additional quantum bit ("qubit") on a chip doubles its computing power. A quantum computer with just 60 qubits would be able to perform calculations inaccessible to today’s most powerful computers. SUPERCONDUCTING CIRCUITS Our technology is based on superconducting qubits, electrical circuits formed from thin films of aluminum on a silicon chip. Superconducting qubits can encode quantum information in individual photons, the smallest units of energy allowed by nature. BITS VS. QUBITS Traditional computers store information as bits, which are either 0 or 1. Qubits can be a combination of both 0 and 1 at the same time, a property called quantum superposition. The difference can be visualized on a sphere. Bits are constrained to either the north pole (0) or south pole (1), while qubits can be anywhere on the surface of the sphere. In multi-qubit systems, this leads to effects such as quantum interference and entanglement, which can be used to computational advantage. APPLICATIONS Many important computational problems will only be solved by building quantum computers. - Physics, chemistry, and material science - Medicine - Transportation and logistics - Neuroscience and artificial intelligence

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On a mission to build the world's most powerful computer

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