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Remove communication issues with manufacturers through machine learning models.

Mar 26

Tips for Small Fashion Businesses During These Challenging Times

Tips and resources for small fashion businesses affected by 2020 coronavirus outbreak. Clear inventory, seek financial assistance, adopt new tech and more

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Mar 05

Apparel Pattern Making: A Guide for Fashion Designers

This guide will teach you the foundation of apparel pattern making, common manipulations to get the perfect fit and everything in between.

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Feb 23

The Ultimate Guide to Bill of Materials in Fashion

A comprehensive guide to Bill of Materials in fashion, why they are important, what to include in them in order to create an effective Tech Pack

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Dec 19

Techpacker Year in Review 2019

2019 was a year of many changes and innovations in fashion and tech. But cosmically massive for us here at Techpacker and we’re even more excited for the year to come.To celebrate our accomplishments of the year, we decided to have some fun by exploring the fascinating animals

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Facebook AI - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Investing in research in the era of COVID-19

As we all continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to communicate how Facebook’s…

Fritz - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Core ML On-Device Training, with Transfer Learning from Swift for TensorFlow ...

As a first small step towards a federated learning platform that supports mobile and wearable devices (in particular, devices within...

Fritz - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Beginner’s Guide to NativeScript: Creating Your First Cross-Platform App

Last month, I was asked to create Android and iOS versions of an app for a product. And here’s what...

Tooploox - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
4 Easy Steps of Getting Onboard Tooploox Remotely

With our employees' health as highest priority, all meetings (including recruitment interviews) have been moved to the digital or mobile...

Fritz - Mar 26 - Blog Post:
Working with Firebase Storage in Android: Part 2

Following up on my previous blog post on Firebase Storage, in this blog, I’ll be talking about how we can...

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