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Oct 16

Why the Single Source of Truth Paradigm in Data Warehousing is Outdated

The single source of the truth paradigm can longer be sustained in today's data landscape. Find out why and how Vantage can help.

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Oct 26

Survey: Enterprise Data More Important Than Ever Since Onset of COVID-19

Business leaders are changing the way they think about about data - from their trust in to to the role it plays in a post-pandemic recovery -- according to new global survey.

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Oct 22

Modern Architecture and Analytics Need Each Other To Succeed

The challenge of designing for flexibility and simplicity come to a head when considering how to support the development of analytics and most importantly, getting those analytics into production. Read more.

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Oct 21

Demystifying the Business Continuity Space: Part 2

Learn the techniques for defining and gathering availability requirements & making sure your business continuity solution provides the most ROI.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Danske Bank | Fighting Fraud

Danske Bank Fights Fraud with Deep Learning and AI

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Case Study : Beverage Company | Increasing Sales With Advanced Analytics

One of the largest beverage producers needed help monitoring, managing and increasing sales globally.

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Case Study : Gaming Companies Use Data Analytics To Score Points With Players

Video game companies with the ability to capture and analyze customer data can improve the gaming experience, monetize gaming characters, and generate new revenue streams....

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Case Study : Smart City Innovation For Multi-Modal Transportation Authority

Leveraging data for optimizing a people-centric transportation system

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SAS - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Wie KI in turbulenten Zeiten die deutschen Kassen füllen kann

Der Einsatz einer zentralen, skalierbaren Plattform, die offen, flexibel und jederzeit anpassbar ist, kann Kassen der Steuerbehörden unterstützen.

SAS - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Data science in the wild: The data science playground problem

You’ve finally done it. You managed to stay awake through the endless series of MOOC videos, and you’ve mastered the...

Hypersonix - Oct 27 - Blog Post:
Protected: The All-New Conversational Mobile App for AI Enterprise Intelligence

We've introduced an all-new conversational mobile app that sets a new standard for augmented analytics & real-time decision making.

Databricks - Oct 26 - Blog Post:
Reputation Risk: Improving Business Competency and Nurturing Happy Customers ...

Learn more about how to leverage the power of Databricks to solve the challenges of reputation risk by measuring brand...

SAS - Oct 26 - Blog Post:
CI Week Latam: conectados con el reto de descubrir cómo crear experiencias me...

CI Week Latam: conectados con el reto de descubrir cómo crear experiencias memorables para los clientes

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