Turbine Labs

  • Business Intelligence
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Leveraging machine learning & human analysis to produce decision-grade insights

The key drivers to effective decision making - the right information and the right amount of time - are at odds in today's environment. There's too much noisy data being presented to executives and managers, while at the same time, the time to make critical decisions has decreased substantially. Companies that leverage data driven decision making outperform their peers. On average, they earn 11% higher profits. They have 6% higher output and productivity. And they are twice as likely to have a culture of innovation. The Turbine platform leverages machine learning and human analysis to extract decision-grade insights from disparate data sources. Four products - Segment, Digest, Tabs, and Cue - package and route filtered, classified, unbiased data to the right audience, at the right time, in the right format.

Company Details
  • http://turbine-labs.com
  • Headquarters Greenwood Village
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  • Specialties Machine Learning, Business Intelligence

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